A Memorial Slideshow As a Way to Honor Your Loved One

A Memorial Slideshow As a Way to Honor Your Loved One

Losing a loved one always hurts. There are numerous ways to cope with the pain, and creating a memorial slideshow is one of them. Such tribute videos are a great means to not only process the grief but, most importantly, to honor the fulfilling and adventurous life your friend or family member had. 

But since a slideshow for a funeral is a very delicate matter, certain rules apply to its creation. Let’s have a look at some aspects you need to pay attention to when making a video tribute for the one you lost.

Find the Most Touching Images

When choosing the pictures for your video, tell your loved one’s life story in chronological order. Start with baby pictures, move on to adolescence, then to adulthood, and wrap everything up with pictures of mature age. Try to focus on the pictures that would show how fun-loving and lively the deceased person was. Show their hobbies, favourite activities, achievements to paint the picture of a bright and resilient life.

Decide on the Perfect Running Time

Since you might have a lot to say and to show, making your tribute slideshow too short would not help you accomplish your goal. On the contrary, a drawn-out slideshow might be simply hard to sit through. There is no golden standard to the length of a touching slideshow, but most people agree that its running time should be approximately 6 minutes. 

Pick the Right Music

Serene classical pieces usually go well with funeral slideshows. But it doesn’t mean that you should stop there. You can go with a spiritual, a tear-jerking power ballad, or even with the deceased one’s favorite song. Your choice of music should depend on the impact you want your slideshow to make – either you would like to dwell on your loss, or celebrate the life well-lived. Not quite sure what tune to choose? Then have a look at some of the funeral songs ideas that are sure to help you with the choice.

Let Your Slideshow Speak

To make your funeral slideshow more impactful be sure to include quotes to it. Make words of wisdom and condolences appear on your slides. Insert excerpts from scriptures, a tear-jerking eulogy, or even your loved one’s favourite quotes to make your slideshow more eloquent. You can even record your own voice comments and add them to your slideshow as a way to say your final goodbye.

Keep the Right Focus

Do you know how to make a memorial slideshow unwatchable? Overstuff it with effects, transitions, photos, and quotes. When you are making a tribute video to someone, make them the focus of everyone’s attention and put your artistic aspirations aside. Make your video clear, minimalistic, and smoothly flowing. The fewer effects and distracting decorations, the better. 

Share Your Video

There will certainly be some friends or relatives that won’t be able to make it to the service. This means you’ll have to come up with ways to share your memorial slideshow with them. You can either burn your video to a DVD and send it to them. Alternatively, you can post your slideshow on your social media page (but only with consent from others in your inner circle). 

Use the Right Software

Understandable, in such a difficult time, you are not likely to have much time on your hands to design background and animate slides for your video. That is why it’s better to opt to use slideshow makers that have memorial video templates. For instance, you can go with SmartSHOW 3D, a powerful yet user-friendly funeral slideshow maker. Not only does this software have a memorial template, tons of easy-to-use effects, but it also offers a free trial so that you could test it for yourself. 

As you can see, there is nothing too difficult about making a video that would celebrate the life of the one who went gently into that good night. So take their pictures, pick the tune that would best reflect their individuality and tell their beautiful story and profess how much you love them.