Baby Photo Collage: Funny Ideas & Easy Guide

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Baby Photo Collage: Funny Ideas & Easy Guide

When your baby is growing, it’s nearly impossible to keep from snapping thousands of pictures every day. New parents try to chronicle their little one’s every milestone and achievement. Well, since you probably have quite a photo archive by now, it’s high time to see it beautifully organized. And what better way to do that than with baby photo collages.

Just imagine – pictures of your child arranged against a beautiful background and adorned with graceful frames and lovely decorations. Such artwork can be a great piece of decor and a touching gift for grandparents. Can’t quite come up with a concept for such a collage? Don’t worry – we’ll share with you a few baby collage ideas as well as tell you how to easily create one. Let’s get rolling!

Growth Progression Collage

Take pictures of your little one each month while placing them against a stuffed toy. Watch with wonder as the toy first towers of your child, then vice versa. Then, arrange these photos into a collage just to see how time really flies by and how fast kids grow. Shedding a tear is encouraged. 

Numbered Onesies Collage

Once again, each month dress your baby in a onesie with a number one that would correspond to their age in months. Then, combine these pictures against a lovely background and decorate them with masks or frames. You can even show this collage to your child when they grow up to learn the numbers.

Simple Grid Collage

Nothing beats the classics. Arrange your little one’s pictures in a simple yet elegant grid, so that nothing would steal the focus away from the little precious baby. If you want to add a bit more zest to the collage, make some of the pictures black-and-white, leaving the rest color.

Different Occupations Collage

Dress your baby as a chef, a firefighter, a police officer, a doctor, or anything your imagination suggests, then turn these pictures into a cute collage. Not sure if you can find that many costumes? Then just take pictures of your baby against a white background, and doodle the costumes in post-production.

Adding One Every Month Collage

Monthly, take pictures of your baby with some items, then gradually increase the quantity as time passes. For instance, go with a single balloon at 1-month-old and get to 12 balloons at one-year-old. You can use pizza slices, huge flower petals, stuffed animals, Lego blocks – the possibilities are limitless. 

Have an idea for a baby collage already? Then, let’s learn how to create one. First, you’ll need to find a reliable and easy-to-use baby collage maker. Then, browse through the baby templates the software offers to find the one you like. The next step is to fill the template with your little one’s pictures. You can rearrange the pictures you see fit, resize and rotate them.

Then, it’s time to decorate the collage. First, embellish your photos with frames or masks. Add a personal touch to the collage by inserting captions to it. Type in your baby’s name (or nickname) and their date of birth. You can even accompany your collage with a poem or song lyrics. 

Next, add a bit of mojo to the collage with decorations. Use cliparts – funny or delicate, depending on your collage’s overall mood. And the final step is to save or print your creation. You can save the collage as an image to post it on your socials or use it as your PC or smartphone wallpaper. Alternatively, you can print it right away to either send it to the grandparents or to hang on the wall as a poster. 

As you can see, baby collages are a great way to immortalize the infant and childhood years of your child. They are much easier to make than scrapbooks and are much more pleasant to look at than regular baby photo albums. And now that you know how to create a collage with your baby pictures, find inspiration within you, cull your child’s pictures, and make one for your baby. This way you’ll keep these sweet memories forever.