A Natural Approach!

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I was recently asked if I would like to try a Natural Facelift Massage and have a Manual Lymphatic Drainage treatment to my body. I had no idea what they were but hearing the words ‘treatment’ and ‘massage’ I naturally accepted immediately. My body after all has been through some major stuff recently what with having a baby and all the damages labour caused, I felt it was probably due a treat or two! After googling the treatments I realised they are not just your average common or garden beauty salon favourites but something quite entirely different and very few therapists actually have the qualifications to perform such specialised massages with effect. I noted the therapist I was going to see is really one on her own, at least in London anyway! Paola Bassanese who runs Energya in North London and has been voted ‘Best Practitioner of Complimentary Medicine’ by the Institute of Complimentary and Natural Medicine is not only a therapist but also a wellbeing speaker, writer and social media expert! She knows her stuff then!


Paola Bassanese


I didn’t really think much more about it until the day but just presumed I knew what I was in for. I’ve been for facials and massages before and let’s face it, how different can they all be? Having just visited the Weleda Institute and begun to take an interest in more natural skin care I definitely noticed the ‘complimentary therapy’ and natural approach to her treatments but I guess I just presumed this would mean she used paraffin free oils and lotions, I had absolutely no idea what it actually meant or what was in store fore me!

I braved the tube on a phenomenally hot day and set off for North London and The Albany Club where Paola runs her business from. Arriving at the private members only fitness centre is like walking into an oasis in the middle of the desert, a calm in the centre of the eye of a storm if you will as surrounding this tranquil location is typical busy London life, blocks of flats and traffic, hotels and hustle bustle… Walking into the cool and beautiful reception area is immediately welcoming and to be honest, sets the mood for an hour of pampering just perfectly. I followed Paola up the flights of stairs to the eaves of the building where her treatment rooms are, signed her disclaimer and de robed… Here I was, ready and waiting to be pampered.

I’ll have to admit I was initially disappointed to learn that the treatments I was to experience do not require any oils or lotions at all. Paola explained to me that she does indeed use oils and just as I suspected, all natural ones with nothing bad in them but that for this treatment (which is paid for by the hour) nothing was required. She explained this means it is suitable for everyone, sensitivities not being a problem and pregnancy not a concern (Paola also specilises in pregnancy massage). Ok, I thought, fair enough but I’d still like some oils, something to make it feel like I was having something done. I just couldn’t see how I would come away feeling lovely unless I felt oily and smelt divine… Oh well, we would see.

Paola started on my face with little tiny finger movements, pinching and pushing but ever so very gently. It felt quite pleasant but not really like a massage and then… After about 5 minutes the relaxation kicked in. I suddenly felt very zen and was struggling to keep up the conversation as I was talking to her throughout in order to ask her questions so that I could write a review; I could have quite easily fallen asleep. I didn’t even really notice when she finished and moved on to my body, it just felt like my whole face was tingling and still receiving a workout… When she moved down to my arms and then my legs she explained that she could feel the water and it moving. I was advised I may need the loo more that evening and feel extremely tired afterwards.

Standing up at the end of the massage I felt light headed and as if I may be floating. Looking in the mirror was quite shocking as I guess I hadn’t really expected instant results but my face felt plumper in all the right places, looked refreshed and younger and my body felt like I’d had a bit of a work out. The pictures of before and after just don’t do it justice but there really was a very noticeable difference! I was impressed and I felt fantastic.


Before and After.


I went from hot and bothered tube traveller to relaxed and glowing in just under an hour! Pretty good eh… And the treatments have so many benefits; the Manual Lymphatic Drainage can help with sinus congestion, water retention, oedema and boost the immune system. The gentle massage works on lymph vessels which carry toxins and excess fluid. I think it’s a great way to start a detox and exercise programme and it really gave me inspiration to be healthier and look after my body more. I loved it. Having the non-invasive treatment to rejuvenate and relax while improving my complexion with the Natural Facelift Massage was something I would never have chosen but would have time and time again now that I have seen the results! I asked Paola, after looking at her perfectly glowing and radiant complexion, if she massages her own face in this way? ‘Every day’ was her response and you can see it works!

To make an appointment with Paola you can contact her on (07803) 961669 or email her at [email protected]. She offers a range of treatments with varying prices (of which there are often discounted packages) and for more information, please see her website www.energya.co.uk.

(All opinions and words, apart from those in green, are my own. I have not been paid for this article although I did receive some products to keep after I had reviewed them.)