A Tea Party Fit For A Mad Hatter (And A Jimmy) – Getting The Tea Right!

In just under two weeks time we will be throwing Jimmy Buster Bumblebee his first ever birthday party and for the theme I have chosen for it to be a ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’!

Florence and Jimmy hats 1
The photo for the invite – hat wearing is essential!!

I have jars to put tea bags in and bowls to keep the loose tea leaves, wooden spoons are decorated to tell you what each tea is and I’ve been busily collecting china cups and saucers for mismatched retro cups of tea.

My Mum is making paper hats for the children to decorate at a craft table and I’ve been buying all manner of little bits and pieces to make everything look just so! I know what finger sandwiches I’m making for the adults and what food I will be preparing for the children too. I have dished out Grandparent duties, Papa is playing the guitar with Auntie Tory leading the singing and Granny, Gram and Grusi (my Step-Mum) are baking the fairy cakes and birthday cake. My friends are helping too, one with decorations, one making more cakes (no party can have too many) while another is roped in to do the face painting!

I have labels to tie on to everything that will say ‘Eat Me’ or ‘Drink Me’ and the tea party is all set to go! I know exactly how I want it to look, the only thing left is to buy the tea! Like I said,  I will have jars with more common teas in for the less adventurous tea drinking posse but for those who would like to try something a little bit different and blend some fusions of their own I am going to have a few bowls with some loose tea from Silver Lantern

At Silver Lantern they specialise in premium loose-leaf tea which is not only delicious but beautiful too! Real flowers nestle with the tea leaves to give it an extra special flavour but what’s really great is that for a party, one with a meticulously thought out ‘look’, they will be beautiful too! I want old-fashioned, I want delicate, I want pretty and these teas provide all that and more while still being great tasting tea too! I like delicate flavours and I prefer decaffeinated ones myself but I do have black teas occasionally. I have really enjoyed experimenting with Silver Lantern teas who give you instructions on how best to brew with ideas for blending flavours on each pack which is really interesting. I have written all the same details from the packs to go along side the bowls the teas will be served in at the party.

Tea Party
I have written out labels for the Silver Lantern Tea copied from the packaging so that Jimmy’s guests will know how to blend and make themselves a cup!

They generally come in 50g bags for £4.45 or 70g bags for £7.95 (although do check as some may be different).They are for special occasions in my opinion, they’re not bog standard and they take a little bit of time and care to make properly. They’re perfect for a party but a special occasion could just be once a day in the afternoon remember – time to sit down for five minutes and enjoy something warm and refreshing. These teas are a real treat with hardly any calories, can’t say better than that now can you! They are natural and beautiful with a lovely drinking quality too and tea can be drunk for all sorts of reasons as well as for pleasure. It can be used as natural medicines and even to assist weight loss so it’s really worth looking into loose teas and what each one can offer.

They will add to Jimmy’s birthday tea party in both aesthetics and charm as well as taste! Hopefully people will get a bit adventurous and start blending them together to make some different combinations. I have taken tips from the Silver Lantern packaging and blended the teas they recommend go well together. Even though I would say I generally am not overly keen on black teas, one of the combinations I have enjoyed from the Silver Lantern range is Rose Buds (from the tisanes range) mixed with a black tea, Keemun to make rose tea – Lovely!

Tea Party 2
Making the tea takes a bit of care but the result is very worth it. It’s a nice methodical thing to do for an afternoon as well and if anyone pops in for a cup of tea it makes it a little bit more special than bunging a tea bag in a mug!
Tea Party 3
A beautiful cup of Rose tea using Silver Lantern Teas to blend it!

I have not been paid to write this post but I was sent some tea from Silver Lantern for the purpose of review.


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