A Year In The Country!

It seems really hard to believe but last week, which was half term, meant we have been living in the country for a whole year. And what a year it’s been! I don’t have any regrets for the move at all and that’s really saying something when I was so convinced it was going to be a sad change for us. I was concerned that we would miss London and primarily our friends but actually, although it’s true that we do, life is so much richer for being in Norfolk. And we still get to visit London (as we did this half term) AND we still get to see our old friends – we have enough room for them to come and stay and it feels like luxury!

It’s also wonderful to have made such great new friends and reconnected with people I haven’t seen since I left Norfolk for London to begin with. It was a bit daunting and a bit like when you have a new baby and have to talk to everyone at play group to find out who your people are but over time I’ve made some lovely connections with friends I can’t imagine not knowing now. ‘Don’t lose the old but just make more’ is what an old London pal said to me and she was totally right. She also gave me some brilliant tips for judging who I’d want to hang out with and who I wouldn’t – she was spot on – and she must know me very well!

Jonny bought me this mug, isn’t he a peach!

The children are loving it which is the main thing. Florence is continuing to work very hard despite it being a completely different type of school and Jimmy has started reception with great aplomb. We also get to see Jonny more too as he doesn’t have to work weekends and he now has time to join a new band which is something he’s wanted for ages.

We’ve changed the house entirely too which has been very exciting. Three new bathrooms, a massive loft conversion and a brand new kitchen;  honestly, I just feel so lucky to be living in such a huge house. I still can’t quite believe it really! To have gone from our 2 bed flat to having 5 bedrooms is really quite something so I promise I’m not taking it for granted and we’re absolutely working on the best ways to fill it.

There are exciting things coming I hope…

I could fill this page with photos from the year but actually I just want to say what a wonderful half term we had celebrating our anniversary of the move. We were in London and Norfolk and we filled every day with something fun. So… Here’s to a year in the country!

At the Transport Museum in Covent Garden!
Staying in London with our friends!
Where we went to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!
Our gang in our booth at Planet Hollywood, London!
Blogger kids let loose with my camera. We went to the LOL Surprise dolls launch party in Shepherds Bush!
FRIENDS! Who could be without them?!
At IWM Duxford!
Down time with Daddy!
With one of my besties and three of her gorgeous boys at the Dinosaur Park in Norfolk!

So… Here’s to loads more years in the country and loads more laughs with friends – old and new!