Pregnancy Diary – 8 Weeks Pregnant!

Rocknrollerbaby the 3rd is about to hit our screens in the first week of October!

I am 8 weeks pregnant TODAY!

Although I had experienced no problems trying to get pregnant with my first two babies I really found myself struggling to conceive a third baby. After very almost a year of trying I had come to the conclusion that perhaps it wasn’t meant to be and maybe I was just too old.

I’d always wanted a third but had put it off because we lived in such a small flat in London and then when we moved, with 5 bedrooms to fill, it seemed like the perfect idea. I’d expected it to happen exactly when I wanted it to just as it had before but unfortunately this wasn’t the case.

Fast forward a few months and my new Doctor had sent me for a variety of tests to see why I wasn’t conceiving. He’d been understanding when I hadn’t necessarily expected him to be (because I already have children) and had said that perhaps I could be prescribed a drug to increase my egg production.

I was just waiting for the last of these test results to be recorded when I realised that my boobs were very sore, I was a few days late for my period and I didn’t feel quite right at all. I felt like my period was definitely on its way though and indeed the Saturday before I did my test on the Monday, I had woken up with the draggy down the legs feeling I know so well, decided I was DEFINITELY about to come on and gone out drinking with my friends as I’d felt a bit depressed about yet another month going by without a positive pregnancy result!


Although the period about to start feeling was still there (and still is) it hadn’t actually materialised and suddenly, by the Monday morning, I knew… I went to the gym with my Mum and then in the afternoon I bought a test (the cheapest £1 test available – I knew I needed no expensive Clear Blue digital shenanigans) and literally within seconds I had two positive lines!

I know it sounds daft because I’d been trying for a whole year exactly by this point but I felt very shocked. I just couldn’t get my head around it. PREGNANT. For some reason, despite the wanting, I had removed all expectation and it felt like a major surprise. I was also a bit worried about the sins of the grape adventure from the Saturday night when I’d downed about 2 bottles of wine…

I wasn’t the only one surprised because when I sent my husband a picture of the positive test stick he replied saying ‘He couldn’t come home at that point’… He thought I was sending him a picture of a positive ovulation stick! The poor man has been made to jump through many a hoop in my bid to get pregnant this time…

So, When we’d all calmed down a bit I went to the Doctor who told me that conceiving babies when we least expect it is often the way it happens and actually, most babies are created in a blur of alcohol and not to worry too much about my weekend over indulgence – phew. Saying that it is rather hard not to worry especially as my period pain type feelings STILL are very present but again he just said this is all very normal.

I am quite pragmatic and I told him that at 5 weeks pregnant (as I was then) I knew all kinds of things could happen and I was prepared for that. He said ‘let’s just wait and see’. So that’s what I’m doing. 3 week’s later I’m still waiting and still having those pains but hopeful.

It feels very, very different to my two previous pregnancies. I remember having some of the pains with Florence and the sore boobs both times as well as feeling tired in the evenings but this time I also feel massively, massively sick. A LOT of the time. I’ve probably had dreamy pregnancies in the past because I’ve never experienced this before and it is NOT pleasant.

I’ve told the children that there is a real possibility that we will be having a baby in the first week of October but in order to manage their expectations we’ve discussed how in the beginning it’s not really a baby yet, just cells dividing and trying to become a baby. I explained that sometimes these cells just disappear and it’s just the way things are so we can keep our fingers crossed but we have to not be too sad if it doesn’t keep growing. And children are wonderful aren’t they! They just accepted this totally and utterly. But they did ask a few questions.


Will the baby come on my birthday? No budster, that would be way too early.

Can you make the baby come on my birthday? No buddy budkins, we don’t really want it to come that early and also it’s your birthday so we don’t want anyone else trying to steal your thunder.

Are you sure it won’t come on my birthday? Yep.

If the baby isn’t coming on my birthday can I not go to school on my birthday and spend the day with you? Unfortunately not Jim-Bob but we’ll go out for dinner after school.

With the baby? No, the baby will be in my tummy then remember.

Ok. Will I still be your baby when the baby comes? Yes baby, you will ALWAYS be my baby.


Will I always be your baby too? Of course you will!

Even when I’m 37? Especially then! You need your Mummy lots when you’re 37!

Will the baby be a girl? I don’t know honey bee but it might be!

Can I choose the baby’s name? Urm… You can help! 

I think I like the name Sapphire like the girl who plays Hetty Feather. Urm…

If we call the baby Sapphire… We probably won’t do that Bobo.

But do you like the name Saphire? Well, it’s not really what I’d choose no.

Don’t you like Hetty Feather the actress then? I’m not saying that my darling but it’s not the name for…

Fine, I’m going to call my Barbie Sapphire and I’ll have a think about the baby. Ok Baglet, that would be great.

So… As you can see they are TOTALLY on board!

And now we just keep on with that wait… I won’t see a midwife until I am 9 and a half week’s pregnant because there’s some sort of back log in Norfolk and I’ve also been advised by a friend who works in midwifery in the area that first scans are not likely to happen until 14 weeks gestation either so I guess the wait for any new news will be a while…

And that’s where we are… Waiting and seeing. Just waiting and seeing and being hopeful!