Action Against Hunger With Michiko And Me!

It’s hard to believe in this day and age that children are still starving to death in the world. We use the phrase ‘I’m starving’ so flippantly and probably without even thinking that for some it isn’t just a flip comment but a very real circumstance. Drought and poverty cause malnutrition to children. Somewhere this morning as we leave some of our breakfast because we’re not that keen on what we’re eating there is a little child just like mine who doesn’t have the option of leaving any food because there isn’t any to leave.

How can it be? We are oh so lucky to live in the Western world and it’s something we should never forget. Our lives are no more important than anyone else’s yet we get to eat, to leave food and to think we are starving because we haven’t had a snack. For children like eight month old Idrissa from Niger, our help is needed. Drought and poverty in Idrissa’s country have meant depleting crops and rising food prices. Idrissa’s Mother has struggled to feed her family. Can you imagine that? Not being able to feed your babies? Idrissa’s little body developed acute malnutrition, the most deadly type of hunger. He was close to dying when he was brought to Action Against Hunger’s feeding centre but luckily he reached them just in time.

After being admitted for treatment he was slowly, over weeks, nursed back to health with special therapeutic foods drip-fed to him through a syringe. Action Against Hunger saved Idrissa and will continue to support his Mother so that he never becomes malnourished again. What wonderful news but Action Against Hunger can’t do it on their own and rely on donations and fund raising. What a worthy cause.

Isn’t it wonderful when another company can pledge an on-going support system for charities like Action Against Hunger and that’s exactly what clothing brand Michiko and Me have pledged. How fabulous is that! from now one, when you buy clothes from them a donation will be made to the charity and will go to help babies like Idrissa. What an exciting new partnership!


Michiko and Me announces charity partnership with Action Against Hunger –

A commitment to help end child hunger!

British children;s wear brand Michiko and Me has announced it’s support of Action Against Hunger and will provide year round support to the charity by making a generous donation on each product they sell. Donation amounts will range from £1 – £5 per product and to celebrate the launch of the partnership, Michiko and Me will apply this donation across their entire product range.

Nicky Lumb, founder of Michiko and Me says,“Our Michiko and Me designs are based on principle of growing as the child grows. This notion of our children growing happily and healthily is a privilege that we often take for granted. Most of us are fortunate enough to be able to feed our children but this is not the case for all families around the world. Knowing you cannot feed your child is so painful, which is why Michiko and Men wanted to back a charity supports children and families in the struggle against hunger. Action Against Hunger’s work includes saving malnourished children’s lives and improving families access to food and clean water for the future, making them the perfect charity for us to partner with.

Caroline Chalin, Senior Corporate Fundraising Officer At Action Against Hunger, says, “We’re delighted to be working with Michiko and Me in this innovative way, Not only will it help raise vital funds for our work, but the added exposure we gain through the partnership will help educate more people about the devastating impact of child hunger and the steps that we can all take to help defeat it.”

Michiko and Me will start making a donation to Action Against Hunger from the 1st of June. You can show your support by spreading the word and sharing their posts from their Facebook and Twitter profiles.