Active Iron Pregnancy!

Active Iron Pregnancy!

The need for iron supplements during pregnancy falls down to the fact your body will increase blood supply by 30-50%. The iron in your blood makes the hemoglobin, which carries oxygen to other cells in your body but research has shown women very often don’t, at the best of times, have a diet rich enough in iron to have sufficient funds to meet daily needs and when pregnant can have even less. You could need 30mg per day more than you are getting while pregnant so it’s really important to take a supplement and ensure you’re getting enough.

I know that I have in all my previous pregnancies suffered with low levels of iron. And then after I had Raffie, when I suffered a massive haemorrhage during birth, I actually had to have blood transfusions then continue to take iron supplements because I was so low. This time I have been taking Active Iron Pregnancy supplements before I get the news delivered that I have to. It’s simply not worth risking a wait and see when I know they will do me no harm even if I am iron sufficient but will help me massively for the times when I will inevitably not be. As well as the iron, Active Iron Pregnancy contains 21 essential nutrients to support mum and baby and that’s exactly what my body needs right now so I’m ON IT!

Being low in iron can make you feel absolutely dreadful. When my levels are very low I feel almost as if someone is constantly sitting on my chest and frankly, with all the other ailments pregnancy invites (hello piles and constant – why do they say morning? – sickness) this is one area I know I can give a massive helping hand to right away!

It goes without saying that supplements shouldn’t be used as an alternative to a healthy diet and you should, if you can, get as much of the good stuff into yourself as possible. Some great foods containing natural sources of iron are red meats, egg yolks, potatoes, beans, spinach, broccoli, parsley, salmon, dark chocolate, blueberries, avocado and lots more. The thing for me, this time especially, is I simply find it a struggle to eat at all. I’m feeling very sick and even when I do eat the food very often doesn’t stay with me so taking a supplement like Active Iron Pregnancy is even more necessary.

I have always had to take iron in pregnancy and have done because I know it’s good for me but as a sufferer of constipation at the best of times I find myself feeling reluctant because I know then I will get the pain from bloating and being in that position too. It feels like robbing Peter to pay Paul but the Active Iron pregnancy supplements have been clinically proven to be kinder to your gut irritation with a unique non-constipating formula devised by scientists. You can even take them on an empty stomach (which is good as mine frequently is that) and yes, I can honestly say that I have noticed them to leave me no more constipated than normal. That in itself is pretty celebratory as each time I have swallowed an iron sub in the past I’ve almost winced knowing the side effect of that… I’m still quite constipated don’t get me wrong but no more so than I would usually be and this time of year I am able to pick fresh figs from my mum’s tree to help ease that and balance it out a bit too. And guess what, fresh figs contain a bit of iron too so they’re a winner all round!

Being kind to yourself and getting the right vitamins and minerals is hard work when pregnant so Active Iron Pregnancy is just giving me a bit of a helping hand. Other things within my power are getting some vital Vitamin SEA – I’m so lucky to live super close to the beach and breathing in the sea air as I take my supplements is me giving myself a bit of self care. We can’t all be perfect and making life easier is key which is why I am going to continue with Active Iron Pregnancy for the second half of growing this baby too. It just makes sense. I’m nearly 21 weeks, over the hump and feeling like my bump is big, I’m tired and willing the time away until February. Though I do have lots to do before this baby makes an appearance including sorting all the bedrooms out and getting Raffie in his own room – I feel like he’s only just been born himself but at very nearly three he does need to be sleeping through the night in his own bed or times are about to get a whole heap trickier – wish me luck! Also think of me this week as I go for my 20 week scan (a bit late), I can’t be the only one who finds the thought of it terrifying? I want Thursday to come and for that to be done then I think I might start to relax a bit!

You can buy Active Iron Pregnancy from their website here.