Airsai Levitating Plant Pot: Floating Décor for Futuristic Families

Airsai Levitating Plant Pot: Floating Décor for Futuristic Families

Ever wonder what our homes will look like in the future? Maybe we’ll have robot butlers to clean our flying cars and food printers that can zap sushi onto our plates whenever we want.

Luckily, we don’t have to wait to experience what the future has in store. A little piece of futuristic furniture is already making its way into homes. It’s called Airsai, and it’s an adorable little plant pot that levitates in mid-air.

Airsai is mesmerizing to kids and adults. Plus, it looks great on any surface. Just set it down, turn it on, and watch it hover above its bamboo base. It even helps plants grow straighter and stronger!

Airsai is now on sale for over 60% off its retail price, so you can add a bit of futuristic décor to your home for a non-futuristic price. You can order a Levitating Plant from now!

Here are some reasons you’ll love a little levitation in your home with Airsai.

It’s relaxing

Something about levitation just calms the nerves. Maybe it reminds us of gentle floating in water or watching the stars.

Whatever it is, seeing Airsai float in zero-gravity makes stress melt away. It’s captivating to watch it float or spin in mid-air, and it’s a great way to take your mind off of social media for a while!

We love to watch it after work, over coffee in the morning, or during quiet meditation.

Kids are crazy about it

Kids are thrilled by Airsai’s real levitation. It’s not a trick! And it’s so funny to watch little ones try to figure out how it’s done.

Airsai can also be a genuine learning experience for kids. We’ve never heard ours ask so many questions about science!

Airsai works by incorporating a lot of technology, such as electromagnets. Even if you don’t know how it works, it gives you an opportunity to explore new ideas with your kids. Who knows? One might become an astronaut someday!

Airsai is safe to use with kids. It’s made of hardwood and magnets, so there’s no risk of injury.

Plants love it

Airsai isn’t just a novelty levitating gadget. It’s actually better for plants than normal pots. This is because Airsai can spin indefinitely while it floats, exposing every part of the plant to an equal amount of sunlight and nutrients.

This will help your plants to grow stronger, bigger, and straighter. Your flowers will bloom with more vivid colours, and your plants will have an overall happier demeanour!

Spinning Airsai is easy too. Just give it a little push and watch your plants dance. Because Airsai spins in frictionless space, it will continue to spin for hours with just one little push.

It’s stylish

Adding Airsai to your home is sure to turn some heads. This levitating plant might not be big or showy, but that’s part of its charm.

It was designed according to Japanese minimalism. Its symmetrical angles and natural bamboo colour are pleasing to the eye and calming to the mind. And of course, nobody will be able to take their eyes off a levitating piece of décor!

You’re sure to get a lot of comments from neighbours and family.

If you use Airsai as a desk decoration at work, you’ll enjoy a bit more attention from your coworkers and the boss. Even the little things will help you stand out!

Bring the Future Home

A lot of homes could use a little glimpse of the future these days. After months of being stuck in the present “new normal,” it will be a relief to have something new to be excited about.

Now, you can give your home a futuristic facelift with Airsai. The levitating plant pot is now on sale for $200 off the retail price. This special sale by the manufacturer, Floately, is an attempt to make levitation décor available to anyone who wants it. They also make other levitating decorations, such as lamps and Bluetooth speakers. All are on sale now!

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