Amazon Fire Stick – Review!

I’ve been using my Amazon Fire Stick for a year now and I have to say it’s one of the best gadgets we have in the house. It’s tiny for starters (no bigger than most memory sticks) and it lets me view everything I want to watch on my not so smart bedroom television. It’s SO good in fact that my Mum, never a lover of gadgetry, bought herself one too and now we are going to give Florence her own for a television in her new bedroom.

It's tiny but it packs a big punch!
It’s tiny but it packs a big punch!

You don’t actually need more than one Amazon Fire Stick if you don’t want to have people watching multiple programmes on different televisions as you can un-plug it, as you would a memory stick, and put it into another device. This is fab for travelling as it also will go into your computer – brillo! But we might want to be able to watch something at the same time as Florence so thought her own one would be a good idea.

When I got my first stick I was on my own with Jonny working away and couldn’t, as I would usually do, ask him to set it up for me. Instead I bit the bullet and installed it myself. I say installed, I simply plugged it in. And then, a nice cartoon man talked me through the whole process from setting up the apps I wanted (BBC iPlayer, Netflix and YouTube etc) to using the remote control. When the set up demo was over I was miraculously in. Simple as that… It really was the easiest thing to do I promise!

There's an animated set up buddy who talks you through each stage of set up!
There’s an animated set up buddy who talks you through each stage of set up and then how to use it once done!

A year ago I had Amazon Prime television which I’ve let lapse and must renew because it’s great but you don’t actually have to have a subscription to Amazon Prime to make use of the stick. You can just use it for other apps like I currently do and watch iPlayer on your bedroom TV which you never used to be able to do – whoop, whoop! If you are an Amazon Prime member however, then you will get unlimited access to Prime Video, including original programming such as Transparent, plus over 1 million songs with Prime Music. Within minutes of plugging it in to your HDTV you have streaming TV of your choice and downloading apps like iPlayer doesn’t cost a penny and you just use your usual Netflix account if you have one. BRILLIANT!

Just plug it in!
Just plug it in!

I am so pleased with our Amazon Fire stick and recommend them to everyone, especially since they only cost £34.99. That’s a one off payment and you’re done.The remote control is pretty good too, it’s small, fits comfortably in the hand and is extremely easy to navigate with as is the whole home screen once you’re in.

Amazon Fire Stick Post 2
Small and easy to use – can’t ask for more than that!

If you’re lookng for easy television streaming without a big cost then THIS Amazon Fire Stick is what you need to be looking at. Any other questions do ping me a mail but trust me, this is one easy peasy gadget you really can work out how to use in an instant and it delivers exactly what you ask from it!

You can buy the Amazon Fire Stick with remote control (or for a small cost extra with a voice remote) from