Art You Grew Up With!

I don’t think it will come as any surprise to hear that my young family are rather fond of the pig they call Peppa. We, like most households with small children I’m sure, have been fans of the cartoon ever since we saw it first.

We’ve had Peppa related days out (thanks Paulton’s Park, your Peppa Pig World is a firm favourite) and one time even stayed in a Peppa Pig themed hotel room for the night, we’ve had birthday cakes based around the show, bedrooms decorated to show our love, read loads of books, watched the DVD’s, seen the theatre show and have even had a plethora of the toys! See, I told you we were keen!

At Peppa Pig World!
At Peppa Pig World!
On one of our visits to Peppa Pig Live!
On one of our visits to Peppa Pig Live!

Florence took a shine to Daddy Pig (who she called ‘Daddy P’) when she was tiny and he had to have pride of place on her 2nd birthday cake. I rather like Daddy P too if I’m honest. He’s funny and sweet all rolled into one and he kind of makes the programme worth watching from an adult perspective! There are loads of reasons why I find myself laughing along and enjoying each episode (my favourite ever is ‘Granny and Grandpa Pig’s Attick – woof tweet!) but Daddy P has to be number one! we all love it when he says ‘I’ve got to THINK like a muddy puddle’, classic!

Florence's 2nd birthday cake!
Florence’s 2nd birthday cake!

And that’s what the family Pig do best isn’t it! Muddy puddles. We were sent this rather jolly print from Art You Grew Up With which shows Peppa and co jumping in a muddy finest and isn’t it cute that it’s got our name on it! When it comes to muddy puddles Florence and Jimmy are JUST like Peppa and George, they love them! Jonny and I are clearly nothing like Mummy Pig tap tap tapping away on her computer and Daddy Pig bodging DIY jobs though – excuse me a second, I’m just going to lie on my back, kick my feet in the air and giggle uncontrollably at that!

Peppa Pig Print

I love this print and can’t wait to get it on the wall of the new playroom I hope to have in our new house when we move. For now I tried it out for size in the children’s bedroom. Perfect!

Doesn't it look great!
Doesn’t it look great!

Art You Grew Up With also make lots of other wonderful prints with lots of recognisable characters. Another favourite of mine, and something else for the new house is this gorgeous ‘Home Sweet Home’ snoopy print! I loved Snoopy, Woodstock and Charlie Brown as a child which reminds me, I’m sure I’ve heard of a modern film with them, must look into that.

Love this!
Love this!

So, whether you like to jump in muddy puddles a la Peppa Pig or retro cartoons are more your bag, Art You Grew Up With make something for everyone and they’re gorgeous. Great quality and beautiful made, fabulous!

We were sent the prints in this post for the purpose of an honest review.