Going Back To School!

It’s hard to believe that this time last week we were still sunning ourselves on the Algarve with endless sunshine, fun and family time. Today has hit me with a bump. It’s back to school day for us and no forgetting. How come when you’ve been away, it doesn’t matter what the distance is that you’ve travelled or how long you’ve holidayed for, the minute you get home it almost feels like you’ve never even been anywhere in the first place?

We had a brilliant holiday and I can’t thank my Mum enough for taking us. It was VERY expensive going in the summer break and there’s no way we could have afforded it without her generosity so, thanks Mum, thanks so much! It’s no wonder people pay the fine and go away during term time because it’s so much cheaper to do that, I may very well do it myself next time!

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So the children, this time last week, were swimming every day and getting more and more confident, finding creatures on the beach and genrally experinecing freedom. All under a cloudless blue sky. Ahhh, bliss! Until the next time!

And today? well today has been back to the grind which I have to say only I seem to be upset about. Florence and Jimmy bounded off with glee this morning. It’s a return to nursery for Jimmy and, two days after everyone else (well, it happens) into year one for my Flobo! Of course we took the obligatory ‘in front of the front door’ snaps this morning. Onto another cracking year I hope (and here’s to the next holiday too)!

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