Ascarium At Sea Life London Aquarium This Halloween!

If you’ve not been to the Sea Life London Aquarium then you really must – you’d think being in the heart of the Captial City, on the Southbank no less, that it might be a bit of a stretch for a Sea Life centre but actually you’ll be really surprised. It’s actually my favourite one of all that we have visited and the shark tank is something else – so scary in fact that Jimmy has to run through a parts of it! There’s a walkway right at the start which he has to run over without looking and then, as the tank is huge (you see parts of it all the way around) there’s another area where you walk under the sharks as they swim over your head and he had to run through that too! We have two Sea Life centres in Norfolk, both actually ON the sea front (Great Yarmouth and Hunstanton) so you might imagine them to have the edge and while they are both quite good (it’s been ages since I’ve been but the one in Hunstanton was always my fave out of the two) somehow London wins it! That shark tank you see… If you’ve not actually visited yourself then perhaps you will remember it from the flim Closer with Jude Law and Julia Roberts? Honestly it’s very worthy of an arty film set and VERY worthy of a proper visit which is just what we did yesterday!

Those sharks!

It’s half term for Halloween and just in case the shark tank wasn’t quite on the right side of scary,the London Aquarium have a special event in their ‘Ascarium’ which lasts from 20th October right through until the 31st. A spooky adventure introduces you to as a sea witch who needs your help to unlock her treasure chest! As you wind your way around the exhibits the sea witch wants you to be on the lookout for some magic ingredients to help her cast a spell around her cauldron and all with your help? The actress pkaying her was wonderful, I wondered if perhaps she was borrowed from Shrek’s Adventure next door where they have a whole gang of amazong actors, and Florence thought she was wonderful as she included her in the potion making! The sea witch will share her treasure with you if the potion is successful and the kids were delighted to be given an Aquarium cup! This was all included in the entry price as an added bonus to get those little eyes really peeled and looking for some additions to the tanks – my two loved it and it was a brilliant way to kick off our full week away from school – still learning though! Because learning is fun!

I think the seahorses were a major hit with all of us – so beautiful!
The witches cauldron – they’d really made such an effort with Halloween, it was very impressively decorated and the event was great!

We LOVE the aquarium and II thin it’s such a great sensory adventure for tiny ones too. The bug kids had a great time but Raffie was wide eyed at all the tanks and it was great to be able to see he got as much enjoyment from something as the others and wasn’t just there for the ride! Jimmy and I used to visit when we lived in London and he was tiny. Florence would go to school and it was our little special thing to do so I have fond memories of being at the London Aquarium and am so glad Raffie has got to experience it now too. We’ve lived in Norfolk for two and a half years now and though Jimmy was REALLY little back then he still remembers the Aquarium and he often talks about it so it was great to go back and re-visit. I always recommend the Sea Life London Aquarium to friends as it really is quite brilliant and with the London Eye and Shrek’s Adventure right next door as well as river cruises all run by the same company you can get some flipping ace deals if you combine your Merlin activities! We also had fun at Shrek in the summer and are hoping to do the Eye and the river cruise again soon – they never get old.

Hands on at the London Aquarium!
I think the jelly fish room right at the end might be my and Raffie’s favourite!
He was looking at everything with such wonder – great day out!

We were invited as guests to the Aquarium and London Eye.