Asda Summer Food Challenge – Day 2!

Askamum love my blog, ooo-errr how exciting!


Second day and the family survived the starter, Florence even ate the whole bowl and she’s VERY picky when it comes to eating so I’m not doing too badly, I think! Onto my main course today and it’s another vegetarian option. I’m not veggie myself but I often prefer non meat dishes, especially in the summer – apart from on the Barbie of course!

Just to remind you of the ‘rules’ to the challenge that Asda have set me: Asda have asked me if I will produce some recipes using fresh and seasonal fruit and veg and set the theme to be The Great British Summer! I also have set myself some guidelines; I want my recipes to be very simple and easy to do, I want them to be appealing to children and I also want them to be adaptable so I will be offering alternate twists to change the dish slightly for differing tastes… Oh and don’t forget to enter the competition below the recipe; it’s to win £50 of Asda vouchers – that’d really come in handy wouldn’t it?

For my main course of the week I shall be cooking Jeweled stuffed peppers with a light beetroot side salad





4 Asda mixed peppers (£1.00 for three)


4 small cups of Asda easy cook white rice (£1.58 for 1kg)


A cup of Asda Pine Nuts (£2.50 for 100g)


A cup of Asda Raisin and Sultana mix from the ‘Chosen by you range’ (£1.93 for 250g)


1 Asda vegetable stock cube (£0.66 for 120g)


Asda Greek feta cheese (£1.50 for 200g)


1 cup of Asda Chosen by you freshly frozen garden peas (£1.40 for 1kg)


Asda little gem lettuce (£0.78 for two)


Asda whole Cucumber (£0.80)

Asda Extra Special cocktail beetroot with raspberry and mint (£1.15 for 150g) (I love beetroot but these are something else and SO inexpensive! If you bought something similar in a deli they’d be 4 times the price!)


Sal and Pepper to taste


Cut the tops of the peppers (x4) and drizzle with olive oil then season. Pop in a preheated oven with the tops as well (170C/325F/Gas 3) for 15 minutes.


While the peppers are roasting boil the rice with the stock cube and in another pan toast the pine nuts with the raisins and sultanas. Toss the peas in just before the rice is done then mix the pine nuts etc into cooked, drained rice. Break up the feta to stir into the mixture. Season with salt and pepper and stuff into the peppers. Replace the pepper lids and place back in the oven for 20 minutes.


Chop the lettuce and cucumber and pour over the beetroot with its juice as a dressing. (perhaps drizzle over a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar if to your taste) Serve.


Serves 4 as a main course at a rough cost of £2.00 per portion.



There are hardly any calories in this dish; it’s super filling while great for a diet but if you fancy something a bit different try my alternate recipes:

Instead of using rice try it with cous cous and beans?


This dish would be totally yummy with minced beef or lamb, seasoned and mixed in with the rice or cus cus!


Buy tiny peppers and make it for the little ones as a lunch surprise all on its own!


And onto the competition!


To allow you to go into Asda stores and pick up your own selection of fresh fruit and veg, Asda would like to give one lucky reader of my blog £50 worth of Asda vouchers! For your chance to win email me at [email protected] by midnight on 23rd August 2012 stating your name and address. For more chances to win follow me on Twitter @rocknrollerbaby and see my Tweets for instructions! 


See you back here tomorrow for my main course recipe!


(All opinions and words, apart from those in green, are my own. I have not been paid for this article although I did receive some products to keep after I had reviewed them.)