Asda’s Beauty Event – Because We All Need A Little Pampering!

Yesterday I wrote a post on the brilliant Asda Baby and Toddler Event and it was while I was doing my Baby and Toddler shopping that I realised they also have a Health and Beauty Event at the same time! I love products and pampering so I have to say I was very drawn and while ordinarily I wouldn’t allow myself to be due to budgeting, because it was Asda, I knew the prices were going to be fabulous so I simply couldn’t resist!

When Florence was born my high-end make up counter and beauty product ways took a bit of a hit! Money just didn’t seem to stretch as far as £33 for a moisturiser and now, aside from birthday and Christmas presents I’ve had to make some super savvy changes to my regime. Where I used to use a tint blusher that cost more than £20, I now use one from Asda which is almost identical to look at, smells the same and works in exactly the same way with the same results!

Cheeky Tint comes in two different colours and is just £2!

I used to love high-end make up and I still do, don’t get me wrong, but when Asda do products as brilliant as this there’s no way I’d buy certain items for high-end prices even if I did have the money to do so! Another fave of mine is the amazing perfume ‘Glamour’ which is so subtle but beautiful and was created for Asda exclusively as an almost identical scent to that worn by Princess Kate on her wedding day! I also love their nail varnishes and eye shadows! Savings on products like these mean I can spend a little bit more on some of my old favourites where there’s no other options! Absolutely brilliant!

So I don’t mind having a browse and a little purchase at Asda in their Health and Beauty department because I know it’s not going to cost me lots of money and I can even have little treats like new bits of make-up I’ve not tried before…

While I’m there I always think it’s great to stock up on essentials, you know, the things we HAVE to buy but really don’t want to spend money on! Sanitary products for one are a real annoyance for me, it’s not like I CHOOSE to have a period so spending money on monthly products really irks! Shower gel, moisturiser (I no longer use one which costs £33 obviously), shampoo… You know the bits, the boring ones we have to have! Well they’re expensive aren’t they! Far better to pick them up in bulk when Asda have an event on! Just look at the products I got and the savings I’ve made!



Original Source Shower Gel has a saving of £1.29 and is just £2!

The Vaseline Body Lotions are down from £4.50 to £3!

Olay Moisturiser is £5! (That’s £28 less than the product I used to buy and you know what? This one works just as well! Some products you can’t compromise on but when cheaper things like this and the Cheeky Tint are just as good and you’d be mad not to)!

Head and Shoulders for £4 means a 98p saving during the event!

Always Jumbo Packs are just £2 in an EVENT EXCLUSIVE! I don’t wanna have to buy em but tis the way of the world and at this price it feels a whole load better!

The Health and Beauty Event is running online and in stores until 5th Feb.