Auris Ear Care!

Auris Ear Care!

If you’re like me and have children who suffer with ear pain due to a build up of ear wax then you’ll be really interested to read about Auris Ear Care, an ear clinic on Harley Street who also provide home visits to alleviate pain that a build up can invite. With long NHS waiting lists for similar procedures coupled with the type of unrelenting pain this issue causes and you will be as pleased as I am, to have found Auris!

Two year’s ago when on holiday in Menorca Florence had some ear issues which were extremely painful. Perhaps all the swimming we were doing had contributed but a build up of wax was discovered by the doctor on site who cleaned her ears and within minutes the pain had eased. We were all quite amazed and relieved as ear pain is just horrid, it’s not something you can ever forget about and absolutely takes over how you feel generally too. It was so easily corrected and as she is obviously quite prone, rather more so since that holiday, I had hoped that our own GP would be able to help in the same way but apparently not so. We were told upon her next bout that the way in which the Spanish Doctor helped is something which has to be done privately for her and not on the NHS, instead he wanted her to use oils and a treatment that could take two weeks to recover her ears to the same standard a simple clean managed in seconds – a no brainer really!

The holiday could have been ruined for this one without having her ears cleaned!

I was a bit worried that a private consultation with a clinic like Auris (who are in London on Harley Street) might cost me an arm and a leg – when we’re trying to save ears the selling of other body parts might not be wise – but they pleasantly surprised me and their consultation fee is waived if any procedure is performed which is good to know! They will also travel to your home if within London with starting prices for home visits at just £70. Postcodes outside of London do incur an extra travel fee of course but you could always visit them at the clinic (which, FYI, is just a short walk from London Zoo through Regent’s Park so a family day out could be made of it) to save yourself that.

Ear wax protects the ears by cleansing and lubricating them with its antibacterial properties. When it builds up due to not being cleaned properly however and it can lead to pain, hearing loss, dizziness and sometimes even tinnitus (constant noise in the ears). When I was a child we always ‘cleaned’ our ears with ear cotton buds which little did we know actually push the wax further down into the ear and don’t help at all. Auris ear care uses microsuction, considered to be the safest, cleanest and most efficient method of ear wax removal and the procedure is extremely effective and fast. They can even offer the treatment if patients have had surgery for things like grommets or mastoid cavities.

Also worth a note if you have children is that they can extract foreign bodies like… Perhaps… a petit pois pea… (perhaps just my family?)!

They treat adults and children, offer same day appointments, have a 24 hour mobile clinic, are affiliated with the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) and have over 10 years experience! I know where we’ll be next time we need this type of expertise!

Harley Street is just around the corner from Regent’s Park (home to London Zoo) – this was us in the park last year, using our clean ears to listen to some of the interactive art work on display!

In collaboration with Auris Ear Care.