Florence’s 10th Birthday Slumber Party!

Florence’s 10th Birthday Slumber Party!

This year for Florence’s party we said it had to be something quite small and as we are on a bit of a budget right now we needed it to be done on a shoestring.

She decided upon a sleepover party which is ace as no venue to hire or outside entertainment to pay for but I still wanted it to be really special for her. I’d seen lots of sleepover party companies on Instagram where they come and make amazing set ups and obviously that was way beyond my purse strings but I DIY-ed some fun things instead!

The invited were eye masks left over from some goodie bags, just cheapy ones and we glitter glued the word invite on the front along with a paper rose and then we tied miniature bottles to them with ribbons and inside the bottles was the message giving all the details and inviting Florence’s friends to her sleepover party!

Next I created a sleepover party pack for each girl with pyjamas, eye masks, head bands, face masks and slippers (buying everything in the sale so that each girl’s pack came in at around the £8.50 mark), I bought treats and popcorn for them to have a movie, decorated the Disc Beds we have for camping with some Christmas lights (also bought in the sale) and the food was pizza which the girls made themselves, freakshakes, dough balls and ice cream sundaes followed by my Mum’s cake creation for her this year which was a pink zebra theme! The girls also occupied themselves decorating pillow cases with fabric pens and the take home gift party favour (another sale item) was a little bottle of perfume!

Phew! It was fun in the organising and cost wise with the food, packs, sweets and treats and breakfast, it came in at about £70 which isn’t bad for a birthday party with six girls, not bad at all. You’ve just got to be savvy with the shopping and a little bit creative that’s all! Florence loved it and that’s the most important part (I loved it too you know, party styling is fun, even on a budget)!

Making the invites was easy. I had some cheapy black eye masks that were left over from Nozstock Goodie bags, a glue gun with glitter glue inside it, paper flowers and little glass bottles left from my Mum’s birthday party as well as some paper strips, black and white ribbons taken from Lily and Sid clothing tags and my £1 letter stamp set from Hobbycraft!
Florence helped with the sticking and writing of the word ‘invite’ on the front of the masks using her glue gun!
And we added messages into the bottles to give party details then tied them to the masks with the ribbons!
They worked really well and looked so effective!
We also used the stamp set with some white cardboard tags to help with the party favours which were bottles of perfume from Primark reduced to £1 each and put inside chiffon bags with a jewel inside also left over from my Mum’s birthday!
And we went to the sales to buy all the girls a sleepover pack. Pyjamas from George at Asda which came in packs of three for £14 (not in the sale) and were all similar – we had six girls so two of each and they were all matchy matchy along with slippers for £1, zebra eye masks for £1, zebra head bands for 50p and a face mask sachet for 50p all from Primark – BARGAINS!
They looked great!
I made a sign!
And got some rainbow paper bags from the Aldi party range, again in the sale for bout £1.50 for six to put the perfume inside along with a few other bits. We had some little glass bottles of glitter that I had lurking about, a Frozen lip gloss which I’d picked up in the Asda sale for 25p each and then another rainbow bag leftover from a party of Florence’s a few year’s ago to put a slice of cake inside wrapped up in a rainbow paper napkin again from Aldi’s party range and again from the sale for about a quid I think!
The rainbow balloon arch should have been £9.99 in the Aldi party range but I got it for half price in the sale and put it above my bed which also had fairy lights from the Asda Christmas sale for 20p a strip. I decorated all the beds with a string of these, put the sleepover packs out and added some snacks! The arch was SO easy to make although the pump that came with it was broken and we had to do it with a pump that didn’t fit and by human puff! You can buy the tape used to put the balloons into from Amazon super cheaply and then fill it with any balloons!
Obviously with six children one double bed wouldn’t cut it so we used our Disc-o-Beds and kid-o-bunks both made by Camo Bunk! They’re great and though are heavy to take camping work wonders for visitors – they also turn into a sofa which we didn’t need this time but they’re pretty good!
My Mum excelled herself with the cake again – pink zebra was her brief and she fulfilled it inside and out!
It was just as zebra impressive when cut into I assure you – look further down!
The table was set and re set many times and I tied these latex balloons (also from the Aldi party range in the sale for £2.50 and filled by Pure Party Treats for just £5 with ribbons and weights!
The plates, cups and napkins (again), all £1 a pack in the Aldi party range but from the sale not full price, my carafes are from IKEA and the crackers were leftover from Christmas but with rainbow spots fitted perfectly! This was the table set for dinner!
Before that I had it set for pizza making!
Afterward vit was set again for pillowcase decorating with fabric pens from Amazon for £4 and pillowcases which were £1.99 a pair in The Range!
Desert of ice cream sundae saw another table change!
And the last re set was breakfast the next day of fruit and crumpets!
And on to the party – my signature party milkshake took them through the pizza making!
Which Florence loved!
I think they all did!
Maybe not as much as the eating!
Which went well – PHEW!
As did desert!
Pillowcase decorating!
Time for cake!
All suitably impressed!
And here’s the inside!
Next we had pampering with nails!
Then onto a movie!
Breakfast saw 6 pairs of very tired eyes – actually make that 7, I got barely any sleep either but it was worth it for all their giggles!
Then the girls went for a walk with their tired faces!
While the boys, aherm, helped me clean up – by popping all the balloons from the arch!
I tied the table balloons to the goodie bags!
And when everyone had gone home it was time to relax and get some actual slumber!
I just LOVED the styling of this party and Florence had a great 10th celebration!