Baby Steps To Big Steps!

Today I went to see the new Stokke Chair, ‘Steps’, which has launched only this week! We liked it! Jimmy liked it A LOT!

Stokke Steps Chair

Jimmy trying out the new Steps chair by Stokke!

I haven’t talked much about Stokke on my blog before, mainly because I’ve just not used any of their products. It doesn’t mean I don’t like them because who couldn’t like some of the things which carry the Stokke name, I just haven’t bought anything to date but I wish I’d bought one particular thing and it always annoys me that I didn’t.

It’s not their buggies which catch my eye although, as most people who know me are aware, I am a massive buggy fan but instead, for me, it’s always been about the Tripp Trapp when I’ve thought about the brand Stokke!

When I was pregnant with Florence I knew I wanted one but being a first time Mum I made some dubious choices when it came to making final purchases. Not being in the know I decided to instead get a looky likey because it was cheaper. I thought, ‘oh they’re probably much of a muchness!’ It’s only now, with experience, that I can see I cut my cloth in lots of the wrong places. Choosing a looky likey, which turned out to be nothing at all similar in any way, was a bit of a waste of money. I should have gone with the Tripp Trapp and have always been jealous of those who did!

The thing I like about it is that the baby can sit at the table with everyone else, right from birth and it has longevity because a child can be in it until they’re pretty much a grown up! They may be pricey but that’s value for money and like the saying goes, you get what you pay for!

It’s not just the Tripp Trapp either, I also very very much like the Sleepi cot and think this would have been a much better buy than the moses basket, cot and toddler bed we went for instead! Again this is a product which will take a baby from birth to age 10 and when you think of the savings buying only one product when you might buy three and it’s an easy choice!

There are quite a few Stokke products very much on my radar even if the buggies haven’t been able to turn my head. I like the way they see the long game in their designs and don’t want to gimmick you with one hit wonders, the Tripp Trapp chair has been around for years and is living proof that this chair lasts! For me it will always be the one that got away! I don’t like being wrong but I was wrong to try and make a saving on this one!

Today at the launch of this new Stokke chair, the ‘Steps’ as it is called and I was super interested to see how it would compare to the iconic Tripp Trapp? The Steps chair is different and the same all in one. Same philosophy of course with the fact that it grows with your child and the same in the sense that it allows the baby from birth to be at the table with you but different in lots of ways too. A very different look gives a completely new choice and with the baby bouncer, which fits onto the chair and rocks in a patented motion of mimicking arms rocking and the baby set, which will take you to around age 3 before becoming a bigger chair for an older one, I think it’s already starting to look like a pretty good alternative.

It has a tray which is easy to slot on and off, the material on the bouncer and baby set is wipe clean and the foot rest can be moved as frequently as little legs get longer! Perfect really wouldn’t you agree?!

Stokke Steps Chair1Stokke Steps Chair2

From birth this chair will grow with a child and Jimmy was pretty keen on it! I’m sure his sister would be too and can just imagine her using it to do arts and crafts in away from baby brothers!

Jimmy absolutely adored it, I honestly couldn’t get him out of it and when I did he just went right back to sit in it again. I have a devil of a time getting him to sit in the chair we have at home so that was quite an eye opener. I think one of the Stokke tricks is that they make their chairs feel like part of the table, part of the conversation. Babies don’t feel like they’ve been shoved out in a seat away from everyone and of course, why wouldn’t that work?

This chair has only just been launched this week and is on sale in only two retailers at the moment. It will be at The Baby Show in February if you want to have a proper look but I think I can safely say after looking at it today that it will, like the Tripp Trapp before it, be a certain success!

Stokke Steps Chair3

Jimmy and a little friend who belongs to Sabina from Mummy Matters eyeing up the goodie bag at the end! Thanks Stokke for my yummy biscuits and cosy blanket!

I have not been paid to write this post.

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  1. Oooh looks good!!

    I did exactly the same as you regarding the Tripp Trapp. To only go back with the benefit of hindsight. I have bought a few quality things late in the game though and would still consider a Tripp Trapp to replace my high chair because of the benefits of longevity.

    Hope to see the new addition at the Baby Show! Xx

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