#BeeInTheCity – Getting The Game Wrong!

Yesterday I decided to go into town and continue with my game of Bugaboo Monopoly using my Bugaboo Bee! #BeeInTheCity is my little project where I am aiming to take my lovely little happy Bugs Warhol hooded buggy around all the stops on the London Monopoly board. My friend and fellow blogger Emily from Family Four Fun joined me with her Bee and we rolled our dice hoping to hit some of the top spots…

But yesterday was not my day on the London transport network. Not my day at all!

Firstly the central line was down and I had to walk for 40 minutes with Jimmy on my back and Florence in the Bee to get to Stratford. Not too difficult for the buggy which copes with city streets using the utmost ease but it was wet and I’d forgotten the rain cover, Florence was getting soaked from the front and poor old Jimmy on my back was clinging on trying to shield his face from the wind. We eventually got to Stratford (which is an excellent station for buggies with lifts to every platform and out) and decided upon our next move…

Still no Central Line so we hopped aboard an overground train to Liverpool Street. This was in rush hour, with hoards of people trying to get in to work and a major train route down. Getting on the train was a fight but it’s one I won and I have to think if I’d been with the double Donkey it would be one which would have left me on the platform for quite some time!

It’s easy to hop on and off, climbing stairs and lifting up to high train doors even with one child on my back and another in the buggy, this is because the Bee is super small and light! I am always thankful for it when travelling and yesterday with my many getting on and off stops I was extra specially grateful for having it and no other buggy with me!

Finally after more stairs, more trains and another line being down I made my first destination for meeting up with Emily and from there we went back on the tube for a ride! We thought we were being ever so clever getting our picture at Charing Cross and had one property fully in the bag…


Turns out Charing Cross isn’t on the board! Typical of my travel so far!

The journey got worse on the way home when I got on one train going the wrong way then completely missed my stop on another. I had even more stairs to contend with and I gave up hope of getting a proper Monopoly square…


I did manage to get this one as we went through Kings Cross but that was my only win of the day and we didn’t even alight the train!

Next roll and I’m going to do better – watch this space!

I have to say, if you’re looking for a buggy to contend with line closure, buses, walking, rush hour, London at a standstill and hundreds of stairs then this is it! You did me proud in the City yesterday little Bee, even if the rest of the day was a bit of a washout!


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One thought on “#BeeInTheCity – Getting The Game Wrong!

  1. Hehe – we were so convinced and nearly had poor Alice on the line to take the picture – suppose we could claim Trafalgar Square although I’ve got that one!

    It really was a relief to have the Bee, I was exhausted by the time I got home after all those stairs would have been a nightmare with a bigger buggy.


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