The Silver Cross Reflex Launch!

Last night I was on line and saw lots of uncomplimentary comments about the new Silver Cross stroller, the Reflex. I thought that was a bit strange really? The Reflex was only launched yesterday and all these people had commented negatively on the basis of the pictures they’d seen. Personally I thought the pictures were pretty lovely but perhaps they didn’t do it justice?
I was actually at the launch party and the stroller, I can tell you from personal experience, really is quite different to others of a similar ilk. This is probably the best umbrella fold I’ve seen on the market today and absolutely loads better than the brand which made umbrella folds famous which I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole! I’m not an umbrella fold fan in general it has to be said but I have found the odd one to be pretty good and this is certainly one of them!
Jimmy tried one out and thought it was a pretty decent ride! I like the blue but there are quite a few colour choices!
I like a buggy which pushes well, most umbrella fold push chairs don’t and I prefer a higher end buggy for my every day push. Umbrella folds I find are usually great for holidays (if you find a good one) but for every day life they can be quite tiresome. The Reflex however has overcome some of the typical problems with a buggy of this style and I can honestly say this particular model could very well be used as your every day buggy.
SilverCross (1)
Jimmy and Florence demonstrating just how versatile the buggy can be! 
It IS umbrella fold but the functions turn it into a proper pram come buggy come travel system. I’ve seen an occasional umbrella fold turned into a travel system using a car seat but this one can even be used as a with parent facing pram option. It has a bar which is usually reserved for a higher end style and the steering is hands down better than any other umbrella fold I’ve pushed. For the amazing price of £250 this is a very neat little stroller indeed which could easily be the only buggy a penny savvy parent would need.
With lots of features usually reserved for the higher end buggy like a choice of colour this really takes it into a league of its own and as for the lights (there is a central LED lighting system for high visibility), well, what a brilliant design for both keeping the baby amused AND more importantly, safety! Well done Silver Cross, I’m very impressed and I love the light weight aluminium chassis which of course, being umbrella style is extremely compact when folded.
SilverCross (2)
The lights are a brilliant addition on the sides of the buggy!
Highlights on top of the above include an extensive under storage basket, UPF50+ for the material in the hood and being only 8.5kg.
My only down side would be that the buggy can only be used with a Silver Cross Simplicity car seat at the moment although I hear things may change on that front and adaptors may be made for other brands.
Would I choose it? Well, if given a ‘money no object’ brief and I’m not sure I would choose it for myself as my main buggy but if I was on a budget and still wanted something stylish that could do everything then this would be a pretty good buy. I have to say that I am a big buggy snob and I fully admit this, some girls like shoes, some hand bags but I like buggies so would spend an awful lot whereas I’d spend next to nothing on a hand bag. The Reflex is certainly NOT the equivalent of the type of bag I would buy and is much more sophisticated than that. Even with my penchant for an extremely pricey buggy this one is a great option, I know many people with whom this choice would be perfect and I would not be looking down my nose at one as it went by me with its bright colours and fabulous light!
Silver Cross are a brand that can be trusted as demonstrated by Royalty recently and with such a long history in the business of course they would. The Reflex is no exception!
SilverCross (3)
We enjoyed a Silver Cross biscuit on the way home, thanks for having us at the launch Silver Cross and good luck with the Reflex!
I was invited to the launch of the Reflex but have not been paid to write this post.

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  1. I was amazed at some of the negative comments about the Reflex too, especially around the price. It’s incredibly good value for £250 considering what you get and that you won’t have to buy a separate umbrella fold later on. I think maybe people think it’s just an umbrella fold? Like you we’re massive Bugaboo fans and don’t think we would have bought the Reflex over the Bee, but we would probably have bought it over our Maclaren x.

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