Launching The Baby Bjorn Carrier One And Carrier One Air!

I wrote recently about the brand spanking new BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One which we have been using with Raffie and LOVING – to say that it saved our Christmas lunch sounds a bit dramatic but it definitely made it more pleasant with everyone able to sit down and eat together (the baby did NOT want to be put down) and it made me fall in love with baby wearing all over again. I think I’d forgotten what a pleasurable experience it is to have your baby that close and to be able to walk around hands free with them. Babies, in my experience, like to be stuck to their mummy like glue and while this is a beautiful thing, one I fully embrace, it’s not always conducive to doing the cleaning, shopping and generally just day to day life like, erm, going to the loo! If you baby wear you can do ALL these things – sounds so glam doesn’t it – and the baby doesn’t have to be parted from you for one single second…

The BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One and the Air version have been designed with the help of 100 real families, paediatricians, babywearing practitioners and medical experts. Every feature has been analysed and created for the ultimate comfort and support for both you and your baby making the perfect carrying ergonomics for hours of happy babywearing, supporting your growing baby’s neck, hips and spine perfectly, while you have your hands free. In the past I’ve shied away from this brand with a tiny baby because when I had Florence, 8 years ago, the Baby Bjorn we had then was rather structured and solid. It didn’t scream soft and loving to me back then but I must have blinked and missed the fact that Baby Bjorn clearly realised they were missing a trick!

So what’s new?

– The head support is higher and designed with a fully adjustable buckle, which gives both newborns and older babies greater neck support.

– The seat area now has an even wider maximum position with fully adjustable settings for the perfect position for your little one.

– There is less fabric between you and your baby which enhances the dreamy bonding experience and breathability of babywearing; you will be able to see and feel that your baby is sitting in a natural position, with their back in a “C” curve.

– The padding in the shoulder straps is brand new, to offer even more weight distribution across your shoulders and back, for hours of comfy carrying

– The mesh used in the Baby Carrier One Air is made from a new patented fabric that’s been specifically developed to be even more breathable and feel extra soft against your baby’s delicate skin.

That’s what they say but to me, a mum who remembers the old style Baby Bjorn and has used lots of carriers over the years, I can see that it is softer now, it seems to care for your baby in a way that maybe I would have only trusted a wrap to do before and not only does it do this but it does it with the same support and structure I would expect for an older baby… So! Makes it a pretty good option when buying a sling. Historically I have used different slings for different occasions, a wrap for a newborn, a stronger, more back pack like one for an older child… This one instead offers great all rounder qualities and I’m really enjoying using mine (even more so now that I’ve been shown there are zips underneath to make the leg area more comfortable for a tiny one like Raffie – what a doof I am to have not read this part of the manual)!

Raffie and I at the party!

I was shown this rather excellent benefit to the new model at the launch party which I attended on Friday last week and with skinny Prosecco in hand I learned all about the Baby Bjorn family, their history and most importantly the new sling! BabyBjorn is a family-owned Swedish company, that pioneered babywearing in the 60’s and they constantly work to develop and improve their products that grow with your family. As with the original One carrier, these new versions are suitable from birth all the way to three years old; carry your baby on your front close to your heart, inward or outward facing, and when they are one year old you can carry them on your back, turning the carrier with one simple movement.

I was shown how to switch the baby from front to back at the party and it would have been a deal breaker if I’d been on the edge of deciding to buy one I have to say. Many years I have struggled to put a child on my back, hold them with one arm and then sort of whip my Ergo sling up so that it lands in the exact right place that I can twist a bit more and get my arm in… and now I don’t have to! I loved the Ergo but this one is just as good sling wise and it’s also a breeze to put the baby in on your front and then, with them already secured well enough to not drop them (if we were playing a game of ‘I have never’ and the question was dropped my baby off my back, I’d have to sit down about a hundred times) you swizzle them round, tighten the straps and you’re off… LOVE this and if I only ever use this sling from now on then I won’t have to sit down in that game any more because there’s no way the baby could accidentally be dropped. If the question was ‘have you ever trapped your child’s fingers in the door hinges while they are on your back?’ then it would be a different story and I’d still have to sit down – Mummy’s still sorry Jimmy. Oh the shame!

I love the sling and I LOVED the party where we got to see all the colours and join in with their #BabyBjornLoveManifesto to empower parents and spread the love. I made my own slogan sign ‘wear your heart on your tummy’ and had fun meeting new and old faces! Brilliant fun!

Me and my slogan! Wear your heart on your tummy!

I consider myself competent to tell you only about what I experienced personally on own experience, namely: if the dose is picked up by the doctor correctly, and is combined with other drugs in the scheme of treatment made by the same doctor, will be here the excellent assistant on the way of recovery.

The new carrier is available in a variety of new colours to suit everyone.

BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One, available in: Black, Denim Grey/Dark Grey, Classic Denim/midnight blue, Grey/Powder Pink. RRP: £139.99

BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One Air, Mesh available in: Black, Anthracite, Navy blue, Silver, and Frost Green. RRP: £159.99