What’s In The Make-Up Bag – Barry M Dazzle Dust!

I love make-up and always have done. To me it means covering imperfections and changing the way I look in an artistic and fabulous way. I have a great many favourite products, some of them expensive and some of them really not so and Barry M Dazzle Dust is one of those.

I absolutely love Barry M Dazzle Dust!
I absolutely love Barry M Dazzle Dust!

I’ve been using Barry M Dazzle Dust since I was about sixteen when I first discovered it and I have many different pots in many different colours. I still have all of my pots as I have never, ever reached the end of one; they somehow just keep on going and keep on going. I know they say make-up has a shelf life but honestly, I’ve never noticed a deterioration in these so why would I chuck them away?

I prefer the finer dazzle dust posts but they are also made in a coarser, more hard glittery construction and these pots can be great for dramatics. I don’t use my finer Dazzle Dust just as an evening sparkle, I wear them whenever I feel like it and in my opinion they can work any time for any occasion as long as you get the consistency and blending right. One of the best things about them is that you don’t need a primer for them to go on smoothly then last all day and if doing a smoky look I don’t even think eye liner is necessary if you apply Dazzle Dust perfectly.

This is how I use Barry M Dazzle Dust!

Barry M Dazzle Dust 2Barry M Dazzle Dust 3

I like applying all the colours on their own and they can be applied in a thick way with a couple of layers or as a very fine hint of colour, I love that the colours can even appear differently depending on how much you apply. Either way gives really good coverage and makes your eyes instantly different. The best thing is that the colour will last all day (or evening) without creasing!

Barry M Dazzle Dust 1

Barry M Dazzle Dust 15

You can also add to colours and build them to create different looks. If you apply a lighter colour with a lighter dusting to begin with as above then this can be the base for a really great smoky eye which is both quick and easy to apply with absolutely no need for a liner afterwards!

Barry M Dazzle Dust 16Barry M Dazzle Dust 11

This creates a fairly dramatic look but using conservative colours by Barry M standards. I also like to create this look using pale green topped with a vibrant bright green for the darker colour. Any look is possible with Barry M Dazzle Dust and their amazing array of colours so you just need to have a play and find out what works for you!

If I am wearing drama eyes then I like to tone down my other make up, make it dewy, neutral and light. This is what I used to finish off my Barry M Smoky Eyes look!

Barry M Dazzle Dust 10

The lipstick/gloss is brilliant as it is a full sized lipstick one end and then a gloss pot with a dabber at the other end, it can be bought on QVC. I don’t use powder very often but a light dusting of this one is often a great addition and if applied to the forehead and cheeks while missing the creases near the eyes then I think it looks best. It has a slight sheen to it which bounces off the light and makes skin look fresher. My concealer pot has been going for years and is actually nearly finished, they don’t make it any more and I’m dreading having to find a replacement as this is the perfect colour for my skin. I love a high end make-up product and often find them to be better quality both while using and for lasting in their pots but I never write a cheaper alternative off until I’ve tried it. Aldi’s beauty range is really very good, the BB cream is so light weight and easy to apply while Rimmel London Worder’Full mascara is equally as good. It really does make the lashes look fuller and longer while the Mua Cream Blusher is one of the best I’ve tried and it costs just £2!

Here’s the result, I was going to soften the picture to eliminate my wrinkles then I thought, oh what’s the point so this is me, warts un all!

Barry M Dazzle Dust 14
I do love a head piece. This one is from Accessorize!



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