Beautify Your Walls With These Simple Tricks

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Beautify Your Walls With These Simple Tricks

There’s nothing worse than staring at a blank wall all day long. After a while, it makes you feel like an inmate. 

That’s why so many people invest in wall dressings – little things that totally change the atmosphere of a room and make it feel less imposing. 

Want to learn more about making your walls look stunning? Check out these simple tricks: 

Add A Mirror

Whenever you want to deal with a wall you don’t like, adding a mirror should be the first thing you consider. 

When thinking about mirrors, don’t be shy. Instead, go for something as large as the wall will allow. Ideally, you want the mirror to run from the floor all the way up to the ceiling, giving you a sense of space and adding to the brightness of the room. 

If you can afford it, get a mirror with a gold or silver leaf frame. Again, this helps to add opulence while also working quite well in shabby chic interiors too. 

Create A Picture Wall

Not thrilled by the mirror idea? Then why not try creating a picture wall, complete with all your favourite photos from years gone by?

The way to do this is simple. First, get a multi picture frame and some single frames to go around it. Then drill holes in the walls where you’ll attach your hooks. Then, insert your photo printouts into the frame and hang it on the wall. It’s that simple. 

Create A Porcelain Gallery

Who said that you are only allowed to include pictures, mirrors and painting on your walls? What about building a porcelain gallery, using your stunning collection of Chinaware? 

The idea here is simple. Take an irregular section of wall in your living room, kitchen or bedroom, and then fix clasps to the wall. Then simply slot all your plates into position. That’s it. You can use porcelain to fill spaces above your vanities or besides your mirrors – anywhere you feel needs a bit of love. 

Play With Beads

You might also want to try experimenting with creating your own hanging beads display. These boho projects involve first getting a piece of wood and fitting it to the wall and then hanging beaded pieces of thread off it. Such wall adornments tend to work well above sofas or fireplaces. 

Paint Accents

Perhaps you don’t want the entire wall to be red. But painting just a section of it a bright colour will add tremendous visual interest and also help it appear less oppressive. 

Make A Hat Wall

This idea is similar to a porcelain gallery. Except, this time, you’re using hats. 

Hat walls are also nice because they can be both decorative and functional. You could buy a bunch of themed hats from a charity store and use them purely as decorations. Or you could just turn your existing collection into a display – the choice is yours. 

So, as you can see, beautifying your walls is simpler than you might think. Usually, small DIY projects can make all the difference in the world.