The Tartan Blanket Company

The Tartan Blanket Company

My Grandma was Scottish and would have absolutely loved the blankets made by The Tartan Blanket Company. I could just see her with a traditional tartan check sat over her knee, in fact she must have had something similar because her picture pops into my mind every time I see one of the Tartan Blanket Company pictures on social media and I love that connection. The company is of course Scottish too, run by Emma and Fergus who dreamed their idea whilst living in London but moved back to their home town of Edinburgh to realise their dream of an ethical business producing wool and cashmere sustainable blankets to compete against fast, disposable fashion but rather sell pieces to last a lifetime.

Posie was kindly gifted from the Little TBco recently a beautiful lambswool baby blanket in lilac candy stripe (£42) with such a soft touch it makes me want to run it over my cheeks and she looks super cosy wrapped up in it. It is truly gorgoeus with her name embroidered into the wool which is so pleasing in colour as well as to the touch.

I showed opening the package when it arrived on my Instagram stories and had lots of messages right away saying isn’t it just wonderful and what an amazing gift this would be. I also had a call from my Mum within about 5 minutes to say “Don’t even THINK about washing that Ruth, you will ruin it, it will have to come to me when it needs it” but actually… Though she is 100% right, I am USELESS at hand washing anything, because this blanket is 100% lambswool things will wipe off it rather easily. The beauty of a natural product which just as it will have done for the lamb will also keep Posie cool in summer and warm in winter. Clever mother nature eh!

I just can’t stop taking pictures of Posie in her new blanket which has come everywhere with us since it arrived. It’s just so soft and so pretty – perfect for Posie!

This baby blanket from a family business who are dedicated to being a positive impact company is one in many sizes, patterns and wools to choose from. The company may be small when it comes to the running, in the sense that they can choose their partners with all eyes open, but they offer huge promise in their ethical pledges and offer such a wide variety it’s crazy to think this is just a small family endeavor bringing the traditional Scottish blanket into a contemporary world.

Having three small children themselves Emma and Fergus are well placed to know what’s important when it comes to all things baby and they’ve been very thoughtful with their offerings for little ones and talk extensively on their blog about 5 Huge Benefits of Wool for Babies! Emma and Fergus say: “All wool is natural, hypoallergenic, insulating, temperature regulating, moisture wicking and repellant, odour resistant, stain resistant,  self-cleaning, and biodegradable. Let’s just say, lambs really know how to dress themselves, and that’s why we recommend it for your little lamb, too.

I am absolutely going to be buying these blankets for any friends who have babies in the future and more than that, I want one for myself – a HUGE wool blanket in a traditional tartan to remind me of my Grandma has just gone on my birthday list thank you very much!

I was gifted Posie’s blanket as part of a collaboration with The Tartan Blanket Company.