#BeeInTheCity – Choose Your Pieces!

I love the game of Monopoly and always have done! When Jonny and I were first together we used to play it all the time, we don’t really get a chance these days but it’ll always be one of my favourites! I love whizzing around a cardboard London buying properties and being declared the victor at the end! (Oh I don’t play for fun, always to win!)

Well, I still whizz around London today of course but for real now! Does anyone in London not whizz it has to be asked? There are so many beautiful places of interest and beauty that I must miss all the time but everyone here is always trying to get some place including me.

It’s not easy to whizz and nip about the place with children in a buggy but the Bugaboo Bee is absolutely my buggy of choice for City living, urban dwelling and public transport travelling! I’ve had a Bee Original for years and loved it but now I’m pushing the Bee Plus (with a rather beautiful Warhol designed Happy Bugs hood) and I’m taking it on a very special tour of London via the destinations of the Monopoly board!

I will be visiting all the stations, stops and streets made famous on the traditional Monopoly board. We will be travelling on all forms of public transport to see how easy it is, from the tube and bus to black cab, tram and even cable car! We will encounter the chance cards and community chest, income tax and everything else but hopefully we won’t be sent to jail! My new Bee, the children and I are going to play around the Monopoly board and #BeeInTheCity to give this City set of wheels the best test possible!

So… Choose your pieces (Warhol Happy Bugs Bugaboo Bee for me please!), collect £200 and roll…

First stop… Would you believe it? ‘Income Tax’! How much will a Bugaboo Bee set you back?

The basic price for a black base and a coloured hood is £479. Limited editions are priced differently and package deals can sometimes be made. When I bought my first Bugaboo I found John Lewis to be rather good as their staff know exactly what they’re talking about!

And we’re off!

I’ll go all the way around the board again so that I can collect another £200 and buy myself some accessories like the footmuff. I LOVE the baby cocoon too which turns the Bee into a pram for a newborn with very little fuss. Mine were both in their cocoon until they were well over one so it really is an accessory where you get your money’s worth and there is a lighter version for warmer months!

First stop? Liverpool Street Station!


I love Liverpool Street. It’s probably the station I have visited most in London. I used to commute every single day from Norwich to go to drama school and this was my stop. It’s also East and I’m an East Ender now! It’s a very beautiful building which was famously used in the film Mission Impossible with Tom Cruise!

The first picture of Jimmy in his Bee is taken under a Liverpool Street sign and the plaque on the wall states that it was the site of the first Bethlehem Hospital 1247-1676.

Liverpool Street has transport links to practically everywhere. There are lifts at the station and it’s very child friendly. From here you could walk to the Museum of Childhood down Bethnal Green Road. It’s an interesting walk which is easy with a buggy and the Museum, which has FREE entry, is awesome for little ones. It has sensory and craft areas and you can see toys, cots, high chairs and even buggies from history!

Next stop still East, I visited the brown streets!


Old Kent Road and Whitechapel!

Whitechapel is a lovely vibrant area which I know well. There are lots of colours and happy faces here and of course a deep dark history to explore! It’s super easy to get to on the London overground which is new and at some stations has lifts!

Old Kent Road… I’d probably give it a miss next time. It took ages to get to on the over ground and coming back on the bus a different route wasn’t much easier. There’s not much there and it’s a bit scary really… I felt a bit threatened so not my fave place in London. It’s not really East and is more Peckham really. The Monopoly board makes it seem as though it would be close to the other brown square Whitechapel but in reality it’s a mission to get to!

And that’s where we’ll leave the game for today! We used tube, overground and bus on our journey for todays #BeeInTheCity and it was lots of fun not to mention very easy with the Bee!


Tube, Overground and bus!


Jimmy loves being in the Bee and I’ll go into more detail as to why in another post! He does love it but when faced with a window on a bus and he insists on a stand to look out of the window at the other buses! Such a boy! 


I have not been paid to write this post.

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  1. Fantastic idea for a post, I’d love to visit all the Monopoly board although I would imagine we’ve already done plenty – next time I’ll remember to get the camera out!
    Golly!! Knew you were from Norwich but hadn’t realised you commuted every day for school! xx

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