Coming Soon – 342 at Kiddicare!

I always remember going to a cocktail bar with Jonny where he picked up the menu, looked very surprised then said ‘They must be awesome at cocktails here, they have three hundred and forty two to choose from!’… ‘3 for 2 you dope’ I said! ‘Yes’, he looked at me like I was a bit slow, ‘That’s what I said, three hundred and forty two’! It went on a bit but he eventually caught on and it’s one of those things I like to bring up often… Just as he does with me and some of my gaffs like when I thought lions were the boys and tigers were the girls… Don’t ask!

Anyway, cocktail bars may be a thing of our past (well very occasionally not I suppose) but 3 for the price of 2 offers are very much still on my radar and with Christmas coming up they are super welcome indeed! Kiddicare actually have one of those type of offers coming up very soon, just in time for some Christmas toy shopping and the best bit is that as well as the three for two offer, they probably actually DO have three hundred and forty two toys to choose from… They probably have more than that if I’m honest! Have you been in one lately? They pretty much have just about one of everything! There will literally be hundreds of toys on a three for two deal in Kiddicare in the run up to this Christmas so it’s most certainly the place to be! Whether you’re buying for a tiny brand new baby or a 5 year old little person then Kiddicare are going to have what you’re looking for!

Now all you’ve got to know is what toys exactly you are looking for? People say shopping on the net is easiest but seriously how? I mean I see it for some things yes but when choosing Christmas presents when I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for and I’d rather do it in person I think… The thing is I still don’t want to brave the throngs in the shops. Kiddicare is a bit different though and because everything is all in one giant shop it’s not like traipsing around a shopping mall in the slightest! You can have a coffee in the cafe when you get tired, get your buggy fixed (have I mentioned they do an awesome buggy repair service for free in their pit stop?) if you get a flatty or the suspension goes from all the booty you’re carrying in your basket and you can even stock up on the household essentials like nappies! What is not to like?! Have a browse at Kiddicare on line if you really can’t face it but I just love going into the shop itself!

Now… What am I buying again?

Toddlers are easy! They watch the adverts and can indicate what they’d like from Father Christmas! At three and a half Florence runs off every now and then to draw a picture of her latest desired toy on the black board – it’s her own innovative way of writing a Christmas list! 

What do you get a tiny baby though? That special first Christmas present?

As with everything you might want to pick up in Kiddicare there are expert hands ready to give you a knowing nod in the right direction but how about a Press n Go Bunny (RRP 7.99, 6 months+), Sunny Safari Activity Elephant, (RRP £12.99, from birth) and My First Shape Puzzle, (RRP £6.99, 6 months+)? Remember three for only the price of two! It’d be rude not to!


The Sunny Safari Activity Elephant!

From the stocking fillers right up to the big toys that you can’t even wrap and have to just throw a blanket over with a ribbon on top, you’ll be able to take advantage of the offer this yule!

Go! Get ready to shop and have a fab time doing it! I always have a great day out at Kiddicare!

The pre Christmas 342 sale starts 5th November and runs until 2nd December 2013!

Kiddicare Shopping 2

I have not been paid to write this post.


One thought on “Coming Soon – 342 at Kiddicare!

  1. I was excited to hear about the 3 for 2 offer as well but I speed read it and thought they had 342 toys coming out for Xmas and it was only on the second reading I realised that they meant 3 for 2.

    Great post, but I must ask, that photo???? Looks like Enfield? Is it? Is that your nearest? I only ask as it is mine.

    Liska xx

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