The Fat Truth!

I drafted this post about fat children and then that flaming Katie Hopkins had yet another rant on TV about the very same subject. I can’t stand her, she’s so very rude and idiotic in lots of her opinions but… Some of the things she says and I can totally understand. There are lots of fat children around and just as Katie says, behind the fat child is often a fat adult…

When we were on our holiday last week I noticed while people watching, dare I say it, lots of fat people. For some reason it’s really taboo to note that people are fat isn’t it? But I tend to call a spade a spade… I know I’m no stick insect myself (although I am within the right BMI for my height) but I simply couldn’t help noticing that an awful lot of people these days just let themselves get tremendously over weight. I’m not talking chubby or a tad on the porky side here; I mean truly obese people – there just seems to be more than ever in this unhealthy nation of ours.

It also seems that often truly overweight people wear all the wrong things. I’m not sure patterned leggings ever really look good but when you’re the wrong size of a UK 20 and team it with what can only be described as a cropped top then it leaves me a bit baffled? I mean, do people see something in their mirrors that I don’t? Are they looking at a reflection that reflects the image portrayed to everyone else or one they just want to see? That sounds mean doesn’t it but I kind of just think that people should wear what suits them and nowadays I see more and more people wearing what I can only assume they WANT to be able to wear and they just don’t care if it looks good or not. They just don’t care if they look fat or not, it isn’t a problem to so many yet I wonder why? Do they not want to be healthy and trim and able to look good in the clothes that catch their eye? I suppose we now live in a world where we can have everything even if we shouldn’t…

One rather rotund lady I saw last week favoured a skin tight (sure it wasn’t meant to be) fuchsia velour track suit while another chose a skirt which her bottom grabbed a chunk of every time she moved. It was really quite, quite unpleasant to look at and I am stumped as to how they thought what they were wearing made them look good? Some of the men were wearing trousers which barely covered their enormous tires of waists and their shirts showed more than a hint of boob. One chap could hardly walk. I wonder how these people didn’t reach a point on the scales when they thought enough was enough? Surely there does come a limit for everyone? Perhaps not.

I understand some people have thyroid and other problems which cause weight gain but I feel absolutely certain that at least some of the people I witnessed last week have nothing wrong other than lazyitis! I know it shouldn’t bother me and it doesn’t really other than sometimes I can’t believe my eyes but what does get to me is the people who let their children be so over weight too. I find that quite disturbing! Of course if a person is over weight then they are eating the wrong things and if they have children then naturally their children are eating the wrong things too but it isn’t fair on them. Children should eat healthily and children should not be over weight!

I saw some children last week who can only be described as fat. FAT! And lots of them were no more than three or four. Is that not some kind of child abuse do you think? If you’re fat as a child I would think you will be fat as an adult. This could and probably will lead to loads of problems the least of which will be bullying! I think we are led to believe the obesity problem is being tackled in the UK but I’m really not so sure. I see lots of fat children with fat parents and it does make me wonder…

Florence has a dancing class with a little girl who is HUGE. It’s terrible really that her parents have let her get so fat. I want to say chubby because it’s kinder but the truth is that this little girl reached and breached chubby some time ago. The poor little thing hasn’t even started big school yet. I can only assume that by the time she leaves education she will be gargantuan – it is no puppy fat that’s for sure.

Are my words unkind and hurtful? Maybe they are but they’re also true. I am gobsmacked to see so many over weight children these days. My children are naturally little, they have fast metabolisms like their Father and for that they are lucky but they eat healthily and get lots of exercise too. You can physically see on some children that they really don’t!

I’m not saying no sweets and crisps, goodness me no! But everything in moderation and we really, REALLY have to do something to educate people on healthy eating because whatever is being done now just isn’t getting through to lots of people. In my opinion it really is a form of child abuse to allow a four year old to have thighs that rub together and make him or her waddle.

If the parents are fat that’s one thing, let them make their own choices but children deserve to have a chance to start out healthily in order to carry on that way if they want to! I’m loath to agree with Katie Hopkins but I do think we need to nip this in the bud and if being told we are fat is the way to do it then bring it on!


We are back in our normal routine of nursery and play dates this week but last week we were on a mini holiday staying in a caravan in Norfolk! Madness in October perhaps and it was very cold but we had access to an absolutely amazing swimming pool where would you believe it, Florence learned to swim! I don’t mean with arm bands or floats of any kind and I don’t even mean just a two second water treading session! Florence learned to properly bonafide swim! Under water and everything! I’m so proud of her, so much so that I can’t stop beaming about it. She’s only 3 and a half! She is so pleased with herself and couldn’t get enough of swimming while we were away! Look how wonderful in the pool she is! Proud Mummy video coming up!

Jimmy had a fabulous time away too and spent loads of time watching seagulls and quacking like a duck at them. He learned a few new words while we were away too and he can say all sorts of things to go along with his quacking now! We had a lovely break with my Mum but we have all come home with colds which is annoying! We’re not feeling our best in general, I guess it’s that time of year!


This was us enjoying our FREEZING holiday!

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3 thoughts on “The Fat Truth!

  1. We went to Ireland in May, there and back by boat with my Dad as I needed to go to a wedding but could not afford the flights. So we went in my Dad’s car.

    There was a play area on the boat and there and back we spent a lot of time in it. I think it was on the way back we spent a lot of time with 2 children and I couldn’t understand why they were so fat at ages 2 and 3 (or 3 and 4) at a time when they are so so very active (and they were). But later on the boat I saw them having lunch sitting down and with their lunch they were drinking TIZER. I think soda as the yanks would call it, is ONE of the things that has seen us become a nation of obese people within one generation.

    From what I know of alkaline diets and body chemistry fizzy drinks are not good and I would certainly not have such young ones drinking them. Aaron hates fizzy drinks and I want to keep it that way. And don’t get me started on aspartame or Fruit Shoots….

    Great post.

    Liska xx

  2. Agree completely although a little unsure what the answer is…

    I’m very laid back as to allowing my children treats but I do home cook most meals, I think fast food, convenience meals etc play a part. I don’t buy cheap value packs preferring quality over quantity when it comes to meats, fish etc.

    It makes no sense how at this active age children can get so HUGE but I agree with Lisa because we had a girl at our school who was, yet she was active and danced like the rest of us. However she didn’t have a tooth in her head and glugged down coke regularly so I think fizzy drinks may be a huge factor.

    Emily x

  3. Although this post made me laugh, I have to respectfully disagree.
    I do agree on some levels that a lot of children are fat because of their parents (have you seen the ‘fat family’ on Gogglebox!?)
    However, my girl turned 3 only 2 weeks ago and her weight has already been flagged by the Doctors. Born at 6lb2oz, gaining weight to the point she was gaining more than an oz a day, she is now huge. She is tall and robust and it has nothing to do with her lifestyle.
    She eats healthily – plenty of fresh veg, meat and fruit – but that’s only when she eats. She is not a brilliant eater but what she does eat is healthy – yet she is classed as obese at 36 months.
    I am devastated. It was awful to hear a doctor say this about my gorgeous 3yo daughter. But I can’t rectify it. If I put her on a ‘diet’ she wouldn’t eat, simple as that. She eats far less than her peers yet is lots bigger without any thyroid issues.

    I judge fat people – I do. I can’t help it. But when it comes to the children, sometimes there really is more than meets the eye than just the chubby parents (that parent being me!)

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