Cuddle UpPets!

What do you get if you cross a cuddly blanket with a cute puppet? CuddleUpPets! That’s what! Brought to you by Flair, the same company that makes the famously popular SungglePets are these fabulously fun blankets which not only serve a purpose in our cold winter months but also provide a bit of fun and a lovely toy too!

For this season Flair have brought out two new faces to the collection! Purple Monkey and Magical White Unicorn! We were sent the Purple Monkey to review and he’s just lovely! Jimmy snuggled up with him straight away and when he realised that the monkey head was also a puppet he couldn’t stop grinning!


Jimmy and his Purple Monkey CuddleUpPet!

The monkey is a large blanket which could wrap around Jimmy twice and is made of very soft fleecey material. He has hands and feet so he can properly cuddle as he warms up Jimmy and he even has a cute tail too!


The Purple Monkey CuddleUpPet!

Jimmy loved it when I pretended to make him talk but he loved it even more when he realised he could use his own hand to make the monkey come to life!

This is a very well thought out toy which isn’t just YET another soft toy to go on a shelf! This is a toy which will be used and loved and being the practical colour the monkey is he is perfect for my little messy monkey Jimmy! I just think this is such a superb idea! They are £19.99 which is excellent value and I have heard of new Disney versions which are on the cards! A Sully from Monsters, Minnie Mouse, Winnie The Pooh and even Lambie from Doc McStuffins which would be a major hit with Florence I think! These will be a little more at £24.99 but you know what, I think they’ll be totally worth it!

As well as Snuggle Pets and CuddleUpPets, there are also Shamzees (£19.99),Tummy Stuffers (£19.99) and Giant Tummy Stuffers (£39.99) in the collection!

We were sent a Magical Unicorn Shamzee which is a cover for a regular pillow! So cute and totally useable, another product with a practical purpose as well as the fun element! I love how soft it is and again it is well made with lots of attention to detail. Just like a pillow case it fits over a pillow and jazzes up the bedroom! We love it and there are four to choose from!


The Magical Unicorn Shamzee!

We were also sent for review one of the Tummy Stuffers which are adorable. Made to the same quality as all the other products these are toys which children can feed other toys, clothes or anything else really in order to tidy them away! Florence immediately collected all her baby dolls and stuffed them in the alligator’s tummy and then when she wasn’t looking I instead filled him with the children’s coats and hung him on the back of their bedroom door (they have a loop on the back so you can hang over a hook)! Brilliant as the coats kept falling down and looked untidy! This is a solution to both problems and it’s amazing just how much you can fit inside and the giant ones can even squeeze a duvet inside them! There are four characters in the Tummy Stuffers collection and two for the giant option.


The Alligator Tummy Stuffer is fun and practical just like all the other products in the range!

I was not paid to write this post but I was sent the products mentioned for the purpose of review.