#BeeInTheCity – Original Rolling Into New!

This week we’ve been staying with my Mum in Norwich for half term. I don’t bring my buggy with me when we come to stay as my Original Bugaboo Bee is here for me to use when I need it. I loved it when I bought it for when Florence was born and I still love it now. What’s not to love? It’s stylish and pushes just as smoothly as it always did with the only maintenance needed being some inexpensive new back wheels – this buggy has been PUSHED so no wonder!

My old khaki Bee might not be quite as pretty as my new Happy Bugs Plus but it’s pretty darn awesome and not too shabby for me to push round Norwich that’s for sure! This week I’ve had to #BeeInAnotherCity and that’s more than fine with me!

Bugaboo Bee Original

My lovely old Bee Original!

Before we came away we were out and about in London continuing on our game of Monopoly around the capital! To #BeeInTheCity with my new Bugaboo Bee is so much fun and sometimes we are joined by Emily from Family Four Fun and her purple Bugaboo Frog! Just like my original Bee her Frog looks good as new, that’s what you get with a Bug and hers is SEVEN years old having been used for three of her four children! A buggy to last! I think my Happy Bugs might have the edge but purple is pretty cool on a buggy I have to say! I like to keep Emily with me for the game because when we’re not together she goes off and lands on all the squares I want before Tweeting me pictures and saying I’ll owe her rent when I stop there! Cheeky!

Thankfully I made all the greens bang in quick succession! Three of the most expensive squares now belong to me!


First up Oxford Street and Regent Street!


Here we are looking good on the corner of both!

Just before we managed the hat trick we had a brief stop on the ‘Community Chest’ square! The card we drew read ‘You have won second prize in a beauty contest, collect £10!’

Well, clearly the card was meant for us this week rather than last for if we are pushing a Bugaboo Bee and only win second prize when it comes to beauty then it simply MUST only mean that we are pushing an Original rather than a Plus! My Dad, when we play the game, will always say ‘there must only be two people in it’ to whoever draws that card! (He thinks this is very funny!) But… When it comes to the lightweight urban pushchair for city living there are many! First and second prize would still clearly have to go to the Bee Plus and Original consecutively!

The lines of the Plus are slightly more sleek, slightly more pleasing on the eye and ever so slightly more practical with the seat sitting bolt upright if you need it to and extending with your child’s growth! There are very subtle differences between the two but the Plus just has the edge…

I’m going to suggest putting the £10 win towards my must have Bugaboo accessory no matter what model you are pushing! Buy a Bugaboo Cup Holder for £14.95 and it’ll be the handiest thing ever! Believe me, if I don’t have mine I’m ALWAYS looking for it! It can sit on the outside of the handlebar or in and you can even fold the buggy with it still attached! It comes with an adaptor for every model in the range and I often alternate mine between the two Bees and my Donkey!

And on to the game we roll for the hat trick…


Bond Street!

Bond Street tube station is very close to Oxford Street and Regent Street. It’s in the very heart of London’t shopping land and even though it’s always very busy there is a buzz and excitement that goes on here and nowhere else! We travelled on the tube to Oxford Circus and walked along Regent Street and around back streets to wind our way up to Bond Street. The Central Line is always overcrowded and being on it with any buggy is often difficult. The Bee is the best one I have found to be on the tube with as it tucks neatly to one side and when going up escalators (not recommending it but sometimes needs must) it’s small enough for people to walk past you – although why they can’t wait is beyond me? Our favourite places to visit in this area are Selfridges for a window shop just opposite Bond Street tube, Hamleys on Regent Street for some toy playing and people watching on Oxford Street is always fun! It doesn’t seem to matter how old I get, I still love a browse in Top Shop which is mega at Oxford Circus! The back streets are really interesting too and although places like Carnaby Street are quite commercial these days I think you can still pick up a Mary Quant 60’s vibe! I’d NEVER relish being in this area with any other buggy, the Bee is perfect here!

With the three greens under my belt I might have to turn my attention to building little green Bugaboo Houses and red hotels on them soon! If you land on my squares things could get pricey but I will stick with the Bugaboo theme and while they will be luxury, you will absolutely get what you pay for and not be disappointed! Sometimes only the best will do!

Another day of play over but next week I’ll be back in London continuing my game of Monopoly with my Bee Plus. I wonder where we’ll land next? I can’t believe next week we will be in November? Soon my reign of being the only gal with the Happy Bugs will be over as November signals them going on sale in-store worldwide!


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