The Best Steam Cleaner Yet!

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I am a Vax Mummy which means I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to review Vax products for my blog! I love to review products which help with the home and have a whole page dedicated to household products. Call me sad but I love to clean too so the Vax reviews are just up my street!

I am not however, a massive fan of new fangled gadgetry. Obviously I have the obvious things like a vacuum cleaner, kettle and toaster etc but other things, like juicers, and I usually don’t even try them! Vax make lots of products including vacuum cleaners (I’ve tried the Air3 which is awesome) but they also make things I would just lump into the ‘new fangled’ category and without being a Vax Mummy would simply never even think of, let alone try!

I have been nicely surprised with Vax products and have found myself being rather pleased indeed with the new ‘gadgets’ in my life! I reviewed a hand held vacuum a while back which was brilliant and most recently I wrote about the Hard Floor Advance+, a steam mop which gives completely streak free cleaning in minutes and even does carpets! My head has been rather turned by steam cleaning and I have found myself looking longingly on the website at the Home Pro Compact Steam Cleaner… This has all the benefits of the steam mops in the Vax range as it has a floor attachment and extending handle but it also can be used as a hand held with all the amazing attachments!


The Home Pro Compact Steam Cleaner in use in one of its many guises! 

We are talking, with this product, gadgetry in extreme! Something I would have dismissed without even looking at pre my collaboration with Vax. I would have assumed it was a gimmick and expected I’d never use it. Once, I don’t know what came over me, I bought a steam cleaner with a nozzle type thing on it and it of course, it didn’t work. I took it back and that pretty much sealed the deal for me. I assumed from that one experience that none of them would work. But… Using Vax products has changed my opinion. They ALL have worked very well indeed and delivered their promises. This is why I have been wanting to try out this one… And this week I got the opportunity!

Now I’m not just saying this, because as I hope I’ve explained well, I just wouldn’t, but this steam cleaner is AMAZING! Quite literally AMAZING! To use it as a mop or carpet refresher you simply add on the handle attachments and to use it as a hand held cleaner you can shorten to wherever appropriate. It’s super easy to push them on and off and you chop and change although you do have to wait for it to cool down and the pressure button to be lowered before any changing. This really only takes a few minutes though! It’s especially good for cleaning high up places and windows as the handle can be made extra long but where it came into its own for me was as a hand held!

My grouting, please don’t judge me here because I’ve tried hard to clean it, turned orange. Iron deposits in the water have turned not only the grouting but the tiles too, a disgusting orange dirty colour and I have tried everything! I’ve scrubbed and rubbed, even used a toothbrush! I’ve used cleaning products, natural products, even old wives tale cleaning solutions of toothpaste! NOTHING has got rid of it. Nothing has even touched the sides and I’ve spent so long standing in the bath working away at all the areas that need cleaning. Using the Home Pro Compact Steam Cleaner took me ten minutes to achieve this result!


All that previous hard work and using the Home Pro Compact Steam Cleaner got rid of the orange iron stains in ten minutes! Not just the area shown but the whole of my tiling in the bathroom!

I used the detergent which came with the steamer. You don’t have to use very much and of course it comes with a measuring jug and funnel. You can buy refills inexpensively from the Vax site but it’s worth remembering you don’t have to use detergent all the time and steam cleaning with just water is often very effective! Once I had steamed all the grouting it actually took me longer to wipe away all the gunk that it produces than it did to remove it! But it was SO satisfying! Sometimes, with the grouting and the inside of my oven, the steamer needs to be used to remove the dirt and grease but then you do need to wipe away afterwards. This would be the perfect opportunity to use it with just water and then re steam with detergent after all the gunk has been wiped away for a shining finish! If you do it regularly, the machine is easy enough to use that you could, then dirty build ups shouldn’t be too bad!

Other times, like when cleaning windows and there often is nothing to wipe away anyway! I used the steamer for everything I think! Windows, carpets, floors, glass coffee table, oven (it worked miracles here too), oven hob, sink and of course my bathroom where literally the whole room from the grouting to the toilet seat was steam cleaned!

The set up is very easy, attaching nozzles and adaptors and the filling up with water in the water tank and detergent in the detergent tank mixed with water. Using instructions are also very clear and even though occasionally you have to wait 30 seconds for the green light to come on again it is very quick to clean everything! The most time consuming element is waiting for it to cool down after use so that you can pour away the left over water and detergent before washing the brushes and detergent tank. One thing I have learned (it is stated in the instructions) is that you must remember to keep on steaming to remove all the water in the tube after you have turned it off. If you don’t it just squirts out like a tap on next use when heated up again! There is a safety cap as with all Vax products like this.

Storing is fairly easy and the smaller of the 16 attachments store in a box on the unit. They range from the metal brush I talked about to a pointed nozzle for hard to reach places and even a squeegee tool with toweling covers for shining! The bigger things like the lengtheners can be stored in the box with the unit but I have them all in a bag and I keep the whole thing behind the sofa out of sight!

It’s fabulous, the best Vax product I’ve used yet and I’ve used a lot without finding a bad one so how good is that recommendation!

I have not been paid to write this post but I was sent the product mentioned for the purpose of an honest review.

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  1. Excellent article! I love the steam cleaning! No need to use chemicals! It’s fast! It’s easy! Keep up the excellent work!

  2. Vax’s rock! My parents had one when we were kids and that things never died. Big old orange thing. Now I’m a professional carpet steam cleaner, I realise the importance of finding good carpet cleaning machines. Thanks for the read as it brought me down memory lane!

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