Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Learning Piggy Bank!

One of the first proper toys that Florence played with was the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Learning Piggy Bank. My Mum bought it for her as she was very interested in posting things inside something else and the pig has 10 coins which post inside the piggy just like a money box!

To accompany every coin posted you can set the pig to count them for you out loud or instead choose for it to sing songs. The piggy will also play songs when you press his nose or open the side of him to get the coins out again. There are quite a few play options and as with all the Fisher Price toys, the songs are very catchy and we know them all very well now. Not that they have become annoying because they haven’t, the sound level is low and the singing voice, which has an English accent, is soft.

The ten coins are made up of two green, two blue, two red, two yellow and two orange. Each pair have a bigger coin and a smaller coin with different patterns and textures on them. They are all big enough to keep track of although over the years we have occasionally mislaid one or two for a while to rediscover them down the side of the sofa later on at some point. They all store neatly inside the piggy with the side shutting closed tightly.

It’s a great toy for co-ordination with allowing the child to pick up each coin and post through the small hole and it’s also a great toy for learning to count, learning colours and learning songs. Florence loved it and it was a long time before we packed it away for the loft.

When Jimmy was around a year old we remembered the toys in the loft and Jonny went up to get them down. The piggy was one of them and I was annoyed with myself for not having got him down sooner as Jimmy would have enjoyed playing with him from around six months just like Florence did. However, he quickly became a firm favourite with him too and now even Florence has rediscovered him too!

Fisher Price Piggy Bank

Jimmy enjoys his sister’s old toy just as much as she did!

Florence now uses the coins to do simple maths by adding two and three to make five and the like. Actually this is the perfect toy to assist with that sort of thing so perhaps he shouldn’t have been put away in the loft at all! We love the piggy who still loks good as new despite being thrown about, chewed and stored in the loft! He’s never even needed a second set of batteries and still sings along using the battery power from the ones he came with!

Fisher price Piggy Bank 1

There are simply loads of ways to play with the piggy and loads of things he can assist with learning for!

What a brilliant toy! It’s from the Laugh & Learn range which is absolutely excellent and we have a few favourites from it, this is just one of them! Have a look at the website because there are lots of activities and fun things for little ones there too!

Did you know:

3 in 4 Mums believe their child smiles and laughs more when engaging with toys compared to smart devices?

Only 1% of Mums think it is important that a toy is high tech.

94% of Mums believe babies and toddlers learn best when they are having fun.

Half of Mums say the most important factor when choosing toys is that they are fun.

Researched released last week at The Baby Show where we met up with Fisher Price, reveals that 94% of mums believe that babies and toddlers learn best when they’re having fun.

The Childwise research of 1,515 UK Mums, commissioned by leading infant and preschool toy brand Fisher Price, shows that despite  the rise in smart technology, 2 in 3 Mums still believe that playing with toys that encourage fun, learning and laughter are best for their baby’s development. I have to agree with the majority. My two love the simplicity of toys like Fisher Price’s and would much rather use their imagination aided by their toys to play out their own games than sit stuck in front of the teloevision! I’m not saying they don’t watch TV of course but I know they are having the most fun when playing.


  1. FUN

Fisher Price toys are perfect for encouraging lots of types of play including ‘small world’ which both of my children love!

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