My Mum’s Garden Today!

I’ve been out in my Mum’s garden this morning to photograph how beautiful it looks. Today is meant to be ‘the great storm day’ and while it is certainly wind swept out there I’m not sure I’d consider it quite the stormy brew we were promised in the weather reports! In one respect it’s a shame as I think my Mum’s garden would look very dramatic under those conditions but with dew drops and ever hopeful to ripen fruit it still maintains its pretty picture.

I was inspired to write about the garden again by Mammasaurus’s ‘How Does Your Garden Grow’ post for this week. I showed my Mum the pictures of nerines on her post and my Mum said ‘I’ve got nerines in my garden at the moment too’. They’re so pleasing on the eye that I wanted to capture the pink ones we have here. We’re staying for half term which gives us run of the wild garden whereas at home in London we don’t have that pleasure.

My Mum says she has found them incredibly difficult to grow. They are supposed to grow like wild fire but she has never managed to get them to last until now.


My Mum is hoping her nerines come back next year! She keeps planting them but instead of multiplying like they are supposed to they get fewer and fewer!

While I was out there I had to have a look around the other nooks and crannies that make up my Mum’s lovely outdoor space. On the one hand it seems as if everything is coming to an end with the leaves from the trees floating and fluttering to the ground and flowers hanging their heads as if to say they’re worn out and want to succumb to winter. On the other hand life is bursting out in preparation for next year and some fruit looks as though its still trying as hard as it can to ripen for this year’s harvest! It’s beautiful, amazing and like fireworks bursting in the air out there at the moment. Even the plants which have seen their day as they wave goodbye are, for me, still something to behold!


This rather soggy sunflower was one that Florence planted with my Mum earlier on in the year. It was planted too late for it to ever do really well says my Mum and next year she plans on buying special giant sunflower seeds!


Fig leaves on the ground signal winter is on its way!


But there are still lots of leaves on the tree too!


And next year’s figs have already started growing!


Yet more signs of the end of a season with these buddleia heads!


Yet fruit is still trying to ripen! These late fruiter apples are a Cox variety!


My Mum says these tomatoes, which are also late to turn red, might look a bit of a fright but they taste divine!


I love the colour of this geranium which continues to flower and will do until the first frost my Mum says!


A yellow evening primrose which has self seeded from a plant brought by the birds!


My Mum’s garden is full of rosehips which form on the dog roses which she allows to run wild because she knows the birds will love them in the winter! She is planning on making some rosehip jelly for Christmas!


And a sign of the festive season is evident here in this tiny holly bush just starting to grow! They pop up all over the garden because birds scatter the seeds from the big tree!

That’s my Mum’s garden today but she is always planning and looking forward to the next season. She has designs on pulling down a rotting corner gazebo seat and replacing it with an arch as the climbing rose and honeysuckle there at the moment need something to ramble over. She has also been busy collecting foxglove seeds to scatter this winter for next year. I’ll keep you posted!

I have joined in with Mammasaurus’s ‘How Does Your Garden Grow’ linky for this post.



10 thoughts on “My Mum’s Garden Today!

  1. Glorious photos! Even the soggy sunflower looks lovely. There are certainly signs that winter is looming beginning to show. That’s the second lot of Nerines I’ve seen in a week – and I don’t think I’ve ever seen them before now!

    Thanks ever so much for joining in – your mum has a lovely garden! x

  2. The nerines are like little fireworks bursting! I never knew their name until today – I’m learning a lot from this linky. The soggy sunflower head makes me a little sad though πŸ˜‰

  3. I love the photos of the figs. I’d really like a fig tree in my garden so I could make lots of fig jam! The holly and rosehips made me feel quite festive πŸ™‚ I made rosehip syrup a couple of years ago, it was really tasty drizzled on fruit and porridge. Left it a bit late this year again, oops.

  4. I don’t think I’ve heard of nerines before they’re gorgeous. I love the little holly bush πŸ™‚

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