Spilly Spoon!

When we were at the Baby Show Emily from family Four Fun directed us to the Spilly Spoon stand, She has reviewed one in the past and she told me that they are absolutely superb, she keeps it in her bed side table at all times so invaluable did she find it!

The Spilly Spoon is basically a spoon to administer baby medicine but it promises to not spill and be easy to use… Sounds good! I never give Florence and Jimmy infant paracetamol with the spoon that comes in the box, they’re rubbish and on the odd occasion when I tried it at first the medicine missed the mouth entirely and ended up on my floor.

Syringes are much better and do work but very often once you have drawn the medicine up you have to put it down again and the syringe is always sticky from having been in the bottle. The Spilly Spoon can be filled up then you can lay it down while you get the baby into the right position, it’s easy to fill to the desired amount of medicine needed as it’s marked on the side and it’s very nice to hold too. We found that it worked perfectly and did exactly as it promised!

Spilly Spoon 1

The Spilly Spoon!

The spoon head is small and curved and went in Jimmy’s mouth very easily and we had no spillage upon administering either! Poor old Jimmy is teething hard so we’ve been using the spoon this weekend lots and it has come in very handy! Great product and we like that it looks like a caterpillar too!

Spilly Spoon 2

Very easy to use and no spillage upon administering either!

I have not been paid to write this post but I was sent the product for the purpose of a fair review.


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