BeWILDerwood And The Sky Maze!

We love BeWILDerwood. I actually think, even though we’re lucky and get to go on absolutely loads of days out, that it is the best day out in the whole country let alone county. There are lots of places we like in the UK and a few places which are simply exceptional, Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park and Drusillas in East Sussex both hit that level, but there’s something even more exciting about BeWILDerwood and it’s not just because I’m from Norfolk I can assure you!

I’m usually quite disparaging about things to do with children in Norfolk. I hate the fact that you have to drive to most places and franky, it’s rather behind the times. I love Norwich and my home county but I’m used to London where EVERYTHING for children is cheap or free, easy to get to on the tube and pretty awesome to boot; it simply doesn’t even want to compare. In Norwich I have found, dirty, smelly and expensive soft play centres as opposed to the clean, large and very affordable ones near my own home and the thread runs along like that. So, to find something I would mark THE best day out ever is really very high praise from me I can assure you!

Now listen, there are other great things to do in the county (Norwich itself not so much by the way) but for most of those things you need a car! I am pleased to say that Pleasurewood Hills, Yesterday’s World and Amazona Zoo can all be reached on public transport and you absolutely should see them, they’re ace, but BeWILDerwood is the place to be for me given only one choice. Getting there on the bus is possible. It’s tricky but possible. Not BeWILDerwood’s fault of course but the bus from Norwich gets in to Wroxham where the next bus doesn’t come along for some time and getting back, time wise, is tight with the last bus being at around 5. However, it IS worth going on the bus and knowing that you can if all other options are unavailable!

And whether you are from Norfolk or further afield it is worth the trip however long it takes for you won’t stop smiling from the minute you walk through the boggle gates! Based on the stories by Tom Blofeld, BeWILDerwood is a book of magic come alive and with characters such as the Thornyclod Spider, Mildred the Crocklebog and the Twiggles dictating the landscape with their tiny tree houses and shoes hanging in trees the magic hits you instantly. Walkways filled with tiny doorways to see in the trees, walkways for pixies and fairies and then… The amazing treetop skimming climbing and sliding, play parks for children of all ages (check out Toddlewood), stories and Boggle Twirling on the stage, crafting in the tent, zip wires for everyone from babies to grown ups… There is SO much to do and all in the middle of the woods with trees and nature surrounding you!

We went yesterday to see their latest addition, the Sky Maze, which will allow you access to the home of the Parasqwauks and their pink feathers – the height of fashion in a Boggle hat don’t you know! It was amazing and beyond anything I thought it would be. An amazing maze set high into the trees and boy it was fun! we spent ages in there before we went off to build a den next door and marvel at the structure of the maze next to us! We have aching legs today from all the climbing and the children slept like babies last night! If only BeWILDerwood day could be every day, I don’t think we’d ever get bored!

Yesterday was brilliant (as always) take a look at our video!

BeWILDerwood is £14.50 for an adult ticket at its most expensive time (seasonal prices apply) and is open from February – October. We WISH it was open in the winter as we’d love to go on Florence’s birthday but we can see essential maintenance must have to be done at those times. It feels very safe and well looked after. Jimmy hurt his back yesterday coming down a slide so I recommend T.Shirts to be tucked in at all times! I found a BeWILderwood worker within seconds and I didn’t realise until then but they have green medical kit bum bags and he gave me an ice pack immediately. Well done BeWILDerwood, you have thought of everything! They also made every effort to ensure disabled guests can enjoy as much as possible too and with accessible pathways it means buggies are no problem! Yesterday was the busiest I have ever seen BeWILDerwood and my top tip would be to take the boat trip before leaving time. We did it first and I’m glad we did as at the end of the day the queue was pretty long! The boats take you in or out of BeWILDerwood but can be boarded at any time and you can walk back to where you came from. Seriously, I have only GREAT things to say about them. Will we be back? Absolutely, we hope to go in October half term and join in with their Halloween lantern parade!

Here are some of my favourite pictures from yesterday!

Bewilderwood 1 Bewilderwood 2 Bewilderwood 9 Bewilderwood 11 Bewilderwood 12 Bewilderwood 14 Bewilderwood 15 Bewilderwood 16 Bewilderwood 17 Bewilderwood 18 Bewilderwood 20 Bewilderwood 21 Bewilderwood 22 Bewilderwood 25 Bewilderwood 29 Bewilderwood 36 Bewilderwood 37 Bewilderwood 38 Bewilderwood 39 Bewilderwood 42 Bewilderwood 32 Bewilderwood 33 Bewilderwood 43

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