Big Families!

You know in the film ‘About a boy’ when he says ‘two people isn’t enough, what if something happens to one of them? You need three at least, you need back up’? Well that has always been on of the things I say when people want to know why I want a big family. I’m in the rare position of knowing what it feels like to be an only child while also knowing what it feels like to be one of four so I think I have a bit of an authority on what’s best. Strange you may think that I know both sides but it’s because I am my Mum’s only one while my Dad had more children after my parents divorced.

I grew up with my Mum on my own and it certainly had lots of perks (still does) being the only one. My Mum and I are extremely close and a real unit, we went through a lot together and it’s great being just us for loads of reasons! With my Dad and half brothers and sister I have that big family feeling and lots of back up however and that’s great too. I can always rely on my brothers who are now adults and my sister is just wonderful, she’s Florence’s idol! I guess I’m just really, really lucky and have the best of both worlds.

For my own family though and I obviously hope divorce, separation and step and half families won’t be on the cards. It’s great for me now but it’s not always been easy and no one would start out hoping for that. I decided before I’d had any children that I would want more than one, then as soon as I had Florence I knew I wanted three or four – I just love it. I want them to have that back up in their lives and although life as an only child has its benefits I think siblings are definitely better. What could be better than having lots of people to love and be loved by? It makes perfect sense to me!

My best friend is also one of four and growing up visiting her house was always exciting, always busy and always fun. Yes they never had the complete undivided attention of their parents as I did with my Mum but they all had each other. There’s lots to be said for being an only child I know, I am one after all but it’s gotta be better to be one of three or four! I know about that too remember. To have people to play with, talk to, even argue with… People, lots of people is definitely the way forward.

I remember at my best friend’s house and her Mum would always be busy, working hard and seemingly making endless rounds of food. I want to be like that I think, the Mum in the midst of loads of children and their friends who will inevitably be round to play! I love bustling and noise and stuff going on and as a child, an only child, I often felt bored and lonely on my own… I already see Florence and Jimmy being entertained by each other and it’s a good thing.

Well, we’re lucky and blessed enough to have two children and here’s hoping some day we might get this lucky again and perhaps have one more… Even one day, if I can persuade Jonny, one more after that! I love being pregnant, I love babies and I love big families! We might need a bigger house first though but fingers crossed!


I want to be a kitchen Mum with a big family to cook for! I might have to take a few more cookery classes like I was doing here in this picture if I want to be REALLY good at it! 


Last week I told you about Jimmy taking his first step! Well now he’s taken three! It’s amazing watching how quickly he learns and all in the last few days he has gone from being able to do just one step to three and not only that, he let’s go and attempts it all on his own rather than me just letting go and then encouraging him! He’s also been teething pretty hard and with giant red spots on both cheeks and a fair amount of pain the poor thing has been having lots of snuggles and infant paracetamol. Hurry up teeth and come through that’s what I say.


Look at those teeth! He already has 6 but these next two trying to come through are really giving him some jip!

We’ve none of us had much sleep including Florence who has been woken up in the night too and for the last few nights we’ve all been squashed up together again as she comes through to us… I don’t really mind myself but I know Jonny doesn’t get much of a good nights sleep! Personally I like them being close at night and when Jonny went out the other evening I even let Florence drop off on the sofa so that we could have a snuggly evening while I watched TV as they slept. Jonny came home and took Florence off to her bed (which I guess I should have done) but it’s lovely cuddling up on the sofa…


I love cuddling up on the sofa. If you look closely you’ll see Florence is cuddling up to her baby as she sleeps up the other end to me and Jimmy.

It’s been a quiet week where we’ve all of us had a few germs but we’ve spent time with my best friend and enjoyed time together not doing much really.  We popped to our old favourite place in Stratford, ‘Discover’, which I’d recommended to my best friend Eve and was excited to take her and her little ones to. Disappointingly it wasn’t up to scratch compared to our usual visits and I hope it goes back to it’s more usual impeccable self soon because our trip was very bad and Eve’s first impression of the place I often rave about was not good – thankfully we had good company to fall back on!

DSC_0203DSC_0205DSC_0213DSC_0215 DSC_0212IMG-20130309-00642

A day out, which was saved by good company, with my best friend and her children. ‘Discover’ may not have been up to scratch this week but we ensured the little ones had fun anyway and the day was finished off beautifully with a trip to Jamie’s Italian. I was most impressed with the children’s menu!

Well, that’s it from me this week, see you next week but in the mean time follow me on Twitter @rocknrollerbaby