Billie Faires Launches 5th Collection With George at Asda!

Billie Faires Launches 5th Collection With George at Asda!

Last summer I discovered the Billie Faires collection in George at Asda and Raffie rocked his little breton jersey romper and navy vest top frequently. It was comfortable and easy to wear and wash so what’s not to love?

I loved him in this and he wore it with those little George jelly shoes – which he himself adored!

What I was rather keen on last summer was how this outfit looked far more high end than a supermarket purchase and I don’t think would be out of place in some of the French named boutiques specialising in children’s clothing. But… Of course it’s a fraction of the price. My Mum said ‘Well the material probably isn’t quite as nice to feel’ but I don’t think she’s right. I think George really go a long way in general into making their clothes as good as possible and I’ve never found anything doubtful with quality on anything that I have ever bought.

So this week when Billie launched her fifth collection with George is was ace to get a sneaky peek ahead of them launching on line this Friday and yet again I was mega impressed. Lots of lovely floral ditsy prints that reminded me of the White Company (again not with White Company price tags) and lovely light fabrics which felt good to the touch, not cheap or done on a budget at all. I was so impressed also when I spoke to Billie – she seemed so on the ball, articulate and knowledgeable about the collection. She was passionate and not just about the colours or the way they looked on a hanger! As a mum herself she said she knew they had to be practical. It’s lovely to have expensive pieces from boutiques but for 2 year olds, really? When would they wear them, surely parents would be too frightened to put them in something that was so pricey and wouldn’t they save them for best meaning actually, they’d never get worn She also said she wanted the clothes to look just as good when they’d been washed and when I said that I was rather keen on the fact the line LOOKED like children’s clothes and not as if they were made for mini adults – she was emphatically in agreement and said that was EXACTLY what she wanted. There was time enough for children to look grown up!

I really liked Billie – must remember to make a more glamorous effort than dungarees next time I meet her!

I think I fell a bit in love with her then. I liked her in TOWIE, she never really let herself down in behaviour and I always thought her and her sister were kind and calm and a bit different from some of the other female cast members. But I like her even more now and her clothing line is awesome!

Here’s are some of my fave pieces from her SS20 range with George – out on line this Friday!

I think these dungas were my fave and I must get them for Raffie!
Shoes are new to the collection and for real leather or suede the prices are fantastic – around the £15 mark!
The range is for baby to age 5 and some of the styles are similar for baby but slightly different to the older girls which is perfect as babies and toddlers and children do wear clothes differently – well thought of Billie!
Boys shoes – love the fisherman sandals!
Pretty, pretty prints move over into bedding and muslins and towels and even toys (similar to Jelly Cat but again… A much more purse friendly option)!
These are my top picks for boys – a 3 pack of shorts for £8 in soft wearable jersey and that two piece… LOVE it!
Raffie came with me to the event and loved it – thanks for having us George and privising croissants and juice, the way to my boy’s heart for sure!