Nozstock: The Hidden Valley – Into The Great Unknown!

Nozstock: The Hidden Valley – Into The Great Unknown!

Last year we abandoned our usual family festival feeling it had become too commercial and not as friendly. We decided to try out Nozstock instead and I am just SO pleased that we did! A more intimate setting run by a family who didn’t make it feel like big business and just loads of freedom and happy smiling faces. It was actually relaxing, despite some bad weather, and we basically just had mega fun – you can read my full review on why I think Nozstock is THE best family festival around here and you will also need to know that this year is set to be better than ever with an absolutely brilliant line up, theme and LOADS on offer for all ages!

Our Nozstock gang in 2019 enjoying every second!

The theme for 2020 is Into The Great Unknown!

The magical land of Noz (last year it was The Wizard of Noz’ is gone. What remains is left crumbling in its ruins, rising from the ashes at frightening speed. Who knows what we will find in the deepest depths of the Hidden Valley?

2020 seemed a distant timestamp of futuristic fantasy, yet here we are. Together, exploring the wonders of all that’s passed, and all to come. Into the Great Unknown we go. Explore with us.

From rapid technological advancement to civilisations and their mysteries long-since-forgotten, join us in 2020 for our most enigmatic evolution yet.

A place to be whatever the theme!

And annouced line ups include SISTER SLEDGE, BILL BAILEY and GENTLEMAN’S DUB CLUB (amongst many – MANY)! There will also be the favourite stages and areas like The Elephant’s Graveyard (stage by day, house pumpin’ by night), Little Kids Wonderland and every conceivable foodie outlet going!

The food at Nozstock – oh the food at Nozstock (something else and definitely to write home about)!

So all this but with the added bonus that they KNOW festivals and how to make them accessible for families. That element is not about making money, it’s about making the right choices and having happy customers and they put SO much thought into it. From playgrounds right inside family camping to making activities for kiddos are mostly FREE and with plenty more thought besides (bottle warming stations and nappies and changing tables spring to mind) I felt so comfortable there with my small children last year and so did many other families!

Kids LOVE a festival!

We had a brill time and will be back for 2020, what about you?!

Book tickets through the website (where children under 12 go FREE):

We are being gifted our tickets to Nozstock (but it’s fab, believe me, I don’t suffer twice if I don’t think something is worth it, Nozstock is the cherry on the cake of family festivals and you won’t regret making the trip!