Tesalate Sand Free Beach Towels!

Tesalate Sand Free Beach Towels!

I love a REALLY good looking towel. I know it might make me an old bore and middle aged to say it but I do. I have the most fabulous Margot Selby towels in my house and have an array of beach towels in all different colours. A watermelon one, a grapefruit one, a rainbow one… But none of them are actually as lovely as my new ultra light weight and sand free towel made by Tesalate! Not only is it GORGEOUS but the material doesn’t allow it to pick up any sand (which is good because my car probably had more inside it that we left on the beach last year) and neither does it feel like that horrible microfiber which makes my hands feel like the sound of a chalk board being scratched – awful! This special AbsorbLiteā„¢ fabric (only available with Tesalate) feels soft and is lovely to sit on PLUS it really does dry fast. I put it to the test and can confirm when they say their towels dry in half the time they weren’t lying (except I reckon it might even be faster than that)!

Me and my towel on the beach yesterday!

So this is the tech: Dries in half the time, doesn’t collect sand, ultra absorbent and to boot they fold up really small!

They come in their own drawstring bag and as you can see from my hand (which is small) it really does fold very compactly!

I chose the Bohemian print in XL as it reminded me of Moroccan tiles but they have lots of gorgeous patterns to choose from plus they come in two different sizes. I got the double which is for two people but they also do a regular beach towel size if you’d like something a bit smaller. I decided it was so beautiful that only the double would do as I’d like to use it as a picnic mat as well!

I thought as a picnic mat it would be ace because it can wash and dry so easily – in the summer we go out to the beach as often as we can and my picnic mat isn’t very easy to wash OR dry so this will replace it AND be a towel!
I just think it’s so gorgeous!

Yesterday it was very cold on Cromer beach in North Norfolk – probably a world away from the Aussie gold coast but I know the summer will come and this towel, a new staple to my beach set up, will be just as golden for us as an Australian beach (also Cromer is pretty darn fine whatever the weather and it kept me pretty warm when I wrapped it around me)! I love the underside has a different pattern, perfect!

Soon I will be using it to dry and not shield from the cold!

I adore this towel… I just want a few more now, eyes on the Phoenix towel for two and a couple of the single beach towels – hard to choose a design but if pushed I’d go Under the Canopy and Leaf Me Alone!

I was gifted the Tesalate Bohemian towel for two for a review.