Bio Baby Nappies – Eco Friendly Nappies At Their Best!

It’s well documented on my blog that I’m not really a re-usable nappy person. I can’t stand the smell of them in the bucket, the thought of carrying around poo in my handbag and quite frankly the faff of the washing and getting the stains out. People hang them on the line to let the sun bleach them for example, I would only want to be doing that if I really HAD to! Plus, I don’t have a garden to hang them out in in the first place! My house would be like a Chinese laundry I think. We don’t use that many nappies, perhaps 4 in a 24 hour period max but then disposables are so good these days that they stay dry for hours, I’m sure we’d have to use way more if we used re-usables as I hear they get too damp to keep on after a couple of hours! Each to their own but they’re not for me!

It does worry me that we are contributing the the land fills though. We’re not using our washing machine as much granted and like I said, not using many nappies so I’m sure it helps the balance but it’s still a factor. The compromises I choose to help save the environment are never going to be cloth nappy related although it would be nice to have a better choice than something which can take 500 years to disappear. I have used eco friendly nappies in the past in the hope that because they biodegrade quicker I might have found the perfect solution to everything. But… in all honesty, the ones I’ve used in the past have been pap. They’re often quite a bit pricier and when they don’t actually work, well, I just gave up.

I was recently asked if I would like to try another brand of eco friendlies for review on my blog. I’ve said no to lots of offers of cloth nappies because of the way I feel about them but I thought, even though I’ve not had good experiences with eco ones in the past, it was worth another try. I was told that the people sending me the nappies used them themselves and had switched from a leading brand recently with no noticeable difference in quality. Sounded good!

So, how have we got on with the Bio Baby Nappies from Mama Bloom?

Surprisingly well actually! We were sent a box of size 3 nappies which at £7.99 works out to 24p per nappy. This is pretty much the same as the leading non eco friendly brands when not on special supermarket offers. This in itself is something I hadn’t expected. My past experiences have been that eco nappies have been more expensive by a mile. The second thing I  wasn’t expecting was that they felt around the same as the regular nappies I use. Instead of being papery, exceedingly thick or believe it or not, ridiculously thin, there really isn’t an apparent difference to the look or touch at all. I was impressed. Having used them now too, I can certainly say they work to boot!

Bio Baby Eco Friendly nappies 4
The Bio Baby nappies are much like regular disposables in look and feel and they’re no thicker either as the picture on the right shows with another brand underneath the Bio Baby nappy!

The first time Jimmy wore one was for overnight. I thought I may as well jump right in but I did expect him to wake up uncomfortable and needing changing. Now Jimmy usually wakes up many times in the night but he never needs changing so I wasn’t looking forward to adding this to the list of reasons why I am up and padding about the house at all hours. In fact, I didn’t change him all night and he wore the nappy straight for 12 hours just as he would usually. When I did change him in the morning the nappy was a little bit damp and heavy but no more so than other good nappies I have used. Impressive!

Bio Baby Eco Friendly Nappies (3)
Jimmy is perfectly comfortable and happy wearing the Bio Baby nappies!

We’ve continued to use them as I would use our regular disposable nappies and I can honestly say there isn’t a difference at all. They fit comfortably around his legs, feel soft on his sensitive skin, are very absorbent and they also have a rather nice motif around the top – doesn’t make any difference of course but we rather liked it all the same!

The best thing about these nappies is of course that they are kinder to the environment than not just regular nappies but than all other eco friendly disposable nappies as they are the world’s most biodegradable nappy.

Here are the facts:


  • Bio Baby has the highest percentage of biodegradable materials of any nappy on the market
  • Our waterproof nappy lining is made from a plastic that will biodegrade within 3 to 6 years
  • The soft outer lining, anti-leak barriers and even our packaging are all made from an oxo-biodegradable material that will also biodegrade within 3 to 6 years
  • Almost 70% of our nappy including the packaging will biodegrade within 3 to 6 years. Compare this to standard nappies that can take up to 400 years to biodegrade!
  • Soft internal lining and transfer layer are made from natural hypoallergenic fibres to further increase sustainability
  • Being the manufacturer we are committed to doing everything we can to maintain Bio Baby’s position as the world’s most green nappy. As part of this commitment we are building a wind farm to power our factory!


  • Premium performance
  • The only nappy with a natural high-tech absorbent core that lasts up to 12 hours ensuring your baby stays dry and comfortable. Confidence and peace of mind, day and night…
  • Natural absorbency: the nappy’s core is made using a formula that integrates sustainable materials such as cellulose and a super-absorbent gel made from natural ingredients meaning it biodegrades in less than a year


  • Bio Baby has been designed based on our expert knowledge of baby anatomy so that your baby can grow and develop with comfort
  • 30% less chemicals than standard nappies and 15% less chemicals than other eco nappies ensuring your baby only comes into contact with the most gentle, natural and organic materials
  • Adjustable fit and comfort: the diaper’s soft waist and elastic side stretch panels naturally adjust to your baby’s body shape for greater freedom of movement

So, up to 500 years or 5 or 6? It’s a pretty good choice and what with all the washing loads for cloth nappies I kind of think this might be even better. More expensive than cloth ones perhaps? But then we each have to choose where we cut our cloth. I review lots of nappies on my blog and will use other brands in the future because of this but I would certainly buy Bio Baby nappies again. They did everything I want and need for a nappy with the added bonus. For me, they are the perfect compromise.

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For more information on Bio Baby nappies and wipes as well as other mama Bloom products please see

I have not been paid to write this post but I was sent the nappies for the purpose of review.