Black Cats, Witches Hats, Tiffin Cake And Pumpkin Makes!

It’s not QUITE Halloween yet but this weekend we’ve been gearing up for it! We’re staying at my Mum’s and Daddy will be back at work for the actual 31st so we thought we’d have a bit of Halloween fun with him before he goes! we’ve made a witches brew tiffin cake, carved a pumpkin and got all dressed up! I went into the City yesterday and found an amazing bargain in ELC who had this Halloween witch’s outfit for half price and I picked up some witchy tights in Asda which were only £2!

Jimmy, I’m afraid, is having a hand me down spider outfit and spidery tights from his sister who wore it two years in a row so it’s certainly making its money’s worth! I think I might have even got that in the sale too!

Halloween Fun 2

A Spidery Witch!

Halloween Fun 3

An actual spider!

Halloween Fun 8

And spidery witchy legs!

I’ve talked about our big black cat Bollo before. He’s a bit of a tricksy cat really and I’m not sure he likes us all that much! We wish he liked to sit next to us a bit more, especially at Halloween because he’d be the perfect witch and spider’s cat!

Halloween Fun

Our cat Bollo is a big black cat which is rather convenient for this time of year!

Halloween Fun 1

But he doesn’t think so! 

With an awol cat we thought we should turn our attention to some witch’s brew instead!

Witch’s Brew Tiffin Cake!

We melted some *Slime and two chopped up *Bat Wings, added nearly a whole packet of broken *Crunchy Bones, a good glug of *Wizard Phlem, a big spoonful of *Dandruff and a handful of *Spongy Frog Eyes before stirring the cauldron to mix it all together!

Halloween Fun 4

Stirring the Witch’s Brew!

We greased a small dish and poured the mixture in before melting 200g of *Toad Skin and pouring it over the top! Then we decorated it with *Rats Teeth and more *Spongy Frog Eyes before leaving it to set in the fridge and turning out to cut into squares!

Halloween Fun 5

Decorating the Witch’s Brew Tiffin Cake!


*Butter, *Mars Bars, *Shortbread Fingers, *Golden Syrup, *Cocoa Powder, *Mini Marshmallows, *Dark Chocolate, *Sprinkles and more *Mini Marshmallows.

With something yummy to eat we thought it was about time to carve a pumpkin. We will do some more later on in the week and I have bought both carving pumpkins and ones we can eat. We will try and carve them all but I know the edible ones are much harder so we started with an easy one to do. Most of the supermarkets have them on a two for £3 offer so they’re not terribly expensive but the edible ones are much cheaper. I will have to think of a pumpkin recipe to use with ours as I don’t like waste. I used the no waste philosophy for the carving pumpkins too, do you like what we did with the middle bit?

Halloween Fun 6

Carving pumpkins are very easy to do! I cut the shapes out and Florence pushed them through then we scooped out the middle together!

Halloween Fun 7

Even though we can’t eat it we’ve still made no waste!

We had a brilliantly fun and spoooooooky Saturday and plan to wear our outfits again today too! (And eat a bit more of our Witch’s Brew Tiffin cake!)

I have not been paid to write this post.