Bugaboo And Warhol – A Most Stylish Collaboration!

On Friday we took Le Donk to meet his people at the Bugaboo launch party for their new collaboration with style icon Andy Warhol! I still haven’t as yet ‘jazzed up for summer‘ so my poor Donkey very definitely looked a bit wintry compared to all the shiny new beautifully coloured ones! Still, his day will come. We WILL have a sunny enough day to jazz him up soon… It also made me feel like my Bee might be in need of a bit of a make over too, a Warhol make over I think! I have the summer stripes for Le Donk, I think I’m rather keen on this new collection for my other favourite buggy!

Bugaboo + Warhol Launch Party 7
Warhol and Bugaboo Cameleon3

The new Warhol prints, which have seen Bugaboo team up with The Andy Warhol Foundation in New York City, are AMAZING! They’re bright and beautiful, a little outrageous, totally contemporary and the new fabrics (red and black ‘Flowers’ and beige and black ‘Cars’) have only seen to fuel my obsession with Bugaboo more. I think I’m really going to have to elaborate on my Bugaboo ‘Journey story’ soon. A year ago, pre Le Donk, I wrote a bit about how I first fell in love with the brand here but I think I need to write my story in more detail because I have so much to say. I genuinely LOVE Bugaboo buggies. All of them! At another event, the next day, a blogger said to the table about her own buggy (a sub standard but high end alternative in my opinion) ‘I honestly don’t know why ANYONE would pay for a Bugaboo when they can have one of these for the same price‘… I’m afraid, despite liking this blogger very much, it was like a red rag to a bull for me. It was like she’d just insulted a member of my family or something! We left it, knowing she’d not actually tried a Bugaboo before, that we will do a day of buggy swap for her to know what she’s missing. Does mean I’ll have a day without though and might have to invest in a paper bag less anyone I know sees me pushing the WRONG buggy! 😉

We all know Warhol’s images, the Marilyn Monroe portraits are probably some of the most famous. He also produced images of branded products like his Campbell’s Soup cans and Coca-Cola bottles; I’m sure he would have had something pretty special in production for products as beautiful as Bugaboo buggies were he alive today so it seems incredibly fitting that instead the Bugaboo team have reproduced some of his work and used the images for their buggy canopies, aprons and parasols. Warhol was in my favourite film of all time, Tootsie. When it was made it was a film at the very cutting edge, just like Warhol himself… And Bugaboo!

Bugaboo + Warhol Launch Party
Florence and Jimmy having fun in another Bugaboo Donkey! I think the Warhol ‘Flowers’ look fab don’t you?


Bugaboo + Warhol Launch Party 1
My nephew Arthur who was also at the party with us has a Cameleon but we’ve never tried one out for size before so we had a go in a ‘Cars’ print one!


Bugaboo + Warhol Launch Party 8
I love this Warhol and Bugaboo parasol in the ‘flowers’ print in blue. You could liven up any Bugaboo with one of these!

We had such an amazing time at the party and came away feeling like we’d seen something incredibly special. There IS nothing like a Bugaboo. Fact. There IS nothing like a Warhol. Fact! There are cheap imitations of both but the real thing is something to behold!

It was, as you can imagine, a very glamorous affair! I personally have never seen so many celebrities in one room and it was a small room at that with not very many people at all! Goodness knows who they must have thought I was? The local lunatic probably!

Cool (I’m being sarcastic) things I did in front of said celebrities:

Cool thing #1: Whilst trying to feed myself something yummy, Jimmy pinged my spoon like a catapult and a piece of mac and cheese flew directly into one of the goody bags by the door. I then bent down to try and surreptitiously remove said pasta and knocked over my glass of champagne hitting a terribly important looking woman with the glass as it smashed. To throw insult to injury Jimmy then threw the initial offending spoon at her!

Cool thing #2: Standing behind Denise Van Outen (as you do) wondering how she had ever had a baby with her teeny tiny waist and perfect pins, I was just about to take a sip of my second glass of champagne (after the first got soaked up by the floor) when Jimmy threw a large piece of bread in it! A waiter just sailed up and removed it from my grasp – thankfully he brought me another which I managed to neither throw at anyone, break in any way or ruin with foreign objects!

Cool thing #3: Finally with a glass of champagne I could drink I stood chatting with my sister-in-law workitmamma and said ‘Gosh, I just LOVE Cherry Healey, she’s SO cool, I even copied her hair style once’. THEN!!!!!!!! Realised she was behind me and could have heard the whole thing – CRINGE!

Bugaboo + Warhol Launch Party 2
Florence is always a fan of a bit of face painting and chocolate milk!


Bugaboo + Warhol Launch Party 3
I love this picture of Florence at a celebrity party looking a bit like a celebrity herself and being papped!


Bugaboo + Warhol Launch Party 4
Drawing on the walls with giant pens – what’s not to love?


Bugaboo + Warhol Launch Party 5
We has LOADS of fun in the photo booth!


Bugaboo + Warhol Launch Party 6
Three tired little Bugaboo fans at the end of the day, partied out but still ready for a sibling/cousin sleep-over!

See the official party video HERE! (This is the proof I’m going to use that ‘I am at one with a celebrity’ should I ever be trying to get into the VIP lounge at Mahiki! (Is that how you spell it?)

I take my Bugaboo’s all over London all the time! I’m in one of the biggest brightest Cities in the world and people stop me wherever I go to say what an amazing buggy I have! Complete strangers physically stop me to talk about them, imagine what a head turner these new prints will be?! I’d love to push one of these round London too and I’d also LOVE to take a trip to another beautiful City, NYC, take a stroll through Central Park or Times Square pushing one and see what New Yorkers think of the collaboration in the Warhol/Pop Art home? I’ve read some of the blog posts from the launch in the Big Apple and I think it seems they’re pretty keen too!

I simply can’t wait to see what’s coming next… They have a whole brand new buggy, The Buffalo, sounds awesome… I’ll keep you posted!

The Andy Warhol and Bugaboo collaboration celebrates the artist’s love for children’s inquisitive and creative minds and his ability to create timeless work that transcends any age or time period.

The Flowers and Cars Collections include a tailored fabric set for the Bugaboo Cameleon3 £149.95 and the Bugaboo Donkey £149.95 and a Bugaboo Sun Canopy for the Bugaboo BEE £99.95 The Flowers parasol retails at £59.95. Both collections will be available in-store worldwide from May 2013. For a retailer near you, please visit bugaboo.com/retail-locator.

I have not been paid in any way to write this post.


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  1. We had such fun and the designs really did look amazing. Oh well Arthur kicked a small girl in the eye – accidentally I might add! So I’ll join you in the embarrassing moments. X

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