Other People’s Children!

While at the Science Museum this week a big ten year old (ish) boy pushed Florence out of the way really hard. She was quite upset and he just laughed so… Without thinking I said ‘OY! Push my little girl again and I’ll push you!’ He looked at me with such defiance and I thought, goodness, not all children are sweet! Perhaps I shouldn’t have spoken to him like that but my word he annoyed me and when I gave him a really evil stare it did finally get him to run off looking scared – and so he should have been, pushing over a three year old little girl. I instantly disliked this naughty boy!

Should we like all children? I am probably going to be considered terribly horrible if I admit that I actually don’t? I can’t help it, I’m just not one of those people who does. I’m also not one of those people who likes all adults either. I sometimes find I’m not keen on certain people I meet, like the boy at the museum and while I mostly meet people who are lovely, I do come across a few occasionally that I don’t want to be friends with or spend time with so why would it be any different with children? They are people after all!

I know that sometimes people say ‘Oh I adore children, all children, I want to work with them, spend as much time with them as possible and then have my own too’… But I just wanted to have my own… Before having children myself I never really had much desire to spend time with other people’s children… Some of them are really irritating and just get on my blooming nerves, I don’t want to sit in a circle with them and sing ‘the wheels on the bus’ as they snot, gurn and irritate their way through it – even now there are ones I’d happily push out of the circle!

I find I generally like my friend’s children though; that makes sense because I like my friends so they would be likely to produce children I like too right? My friend Anna had a baby way before any of my other friends and I adored him, I used to look after him for her sometimes when she went to work and he was totally yummy. I’d make him a little sandwich and we’d have a chat – he was great! Saying that, I do have a couple of pals whose children, I’m afraid, I’ve thought at times thank goodness they’re not mine and it means I try not to see those friends very much.

Now that Florence is bigger she has friends that she makes herself and I’m beginning to see that my mask will sometimes have to be fully on because she will like people that I am not keen on and I will have to be polite to them. It’s very easy to like a baby who doesn’t say or do anything but children, for me have to be sweet, polite, well behaved… I adore my own children. I adore a few of my friends children, one or two I could well up with pride for they’re so lovely but c’mon, you can’t feel like that about everybody can you?

I don’t think I’m mean admitting I don’t like all children, I just think I’m normal. My Mum was a teacher all her life until she retired and I have many teacher friend’s who would admit the same fact too… I find it’s the naughty ones that I’m drawn to least of all and I think my teacher friends would say the same – when I was pregnant they were all telling me that certain names for them would always point to certain types of children. I’m not sickly sweet, I’m me, I’m normal and I definitely don’t like ALL people, children included – bonus is I’m not a teacher so when the child who deliberately pushes my child over like the boy this week did, I can say what I did. Ok, so I’m not generally that harsh but I have to hold my hand up and say I’m glad I made that boy go running off with his tail between his legs – the naughty little scally!

Bollo Cat

A picture of my cat Bollo. Sometimes he does things which make me not keen on him either! Perhaps I’m just a grump!


This last week of the holidays has been a tiny bit quieter than the last. We probably needed a bit of a break and with the weather being so cold it hasn’t really seemed very inviting to venture outdoors much! We’ve mainly been taking trips to the park, and staying close to home. We went swimming too and spent some time at the local soft play, it’s been nice and relaxing and despite my topic above, I ADORE spending time with my own children doing anything at all so we’ve had lots of fun together.

We did fit in a couple of exciting things as well, like the launch party for the new series of Lazy Town and another fab theatre trip to the Polka Theatre in Wimbledon! I wrote about them both in the week so do pop back and have a read of our trips as we had lots of fun! We also had loads of fun in the Science Museum despite the naughty boy! We always have fun there, it’s free and SO interestingly hands on for little ones – some of my favourite days out with the children have been there!

Science Museum Baby Daisy 1

My Grandmother donated a Baby Daisy vacuum cleaner to the Science Museum absolutely years ago… Florence has had her picture with it a few times over our visits! The latest pic is from our trip this week! The notice on it says ‘Donated by Mrs F R Davies’ and that’s Florence and Jimmy’s Great Grandmother, perhaps we’ll take her with us on our next visit!

This week Jimmy has discovered chocolate biscuits! We bought some rather yummy ones in Ikea, I know most people buy furniture when they go but we always buy biscuits, those Scandinavians sure do know how to make good ones! I’ve given Jimmy the odd small piece of chocolate before but nothing major so I expect he was thrilled when Florence must have left her one lying around and he found it!!

Jimmy with a chocolate face 1

The face of a chocolate biscuit pincher!

Florence has been busy helping me plan Jimmy’s birthday party and we’ve been coming up with some really great ideas. It’s going to be a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and Florence has some very fixed ideas on what her brother will like when he turns one and more importantly what she will be wearing! It’s funny that I’ve been planning this tea party then yesterday I got asked if I would like to review some tea… Couldn’t have come at a better time so for the party we shall be using Silver Lantern Teas – they certainly look the part, bet they’re delicious and they’re just perfect for what I’m after! I can’t believe it’s less than a month away now… Time has gone very quickly, I feel like I’ve only just had a baby! We got some of Florence’s old toys down from the loft for Jimmy and put some of his really baby ones away this week! It’s crazy how fast he’s growing up!

old new toys 1

When we got some of Florence’s old toys down for Jimmy she was very eager to show him how everything works! Lovely!

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