Going Loco With Kiddicare!

As you might gather from this blog, I’m a girl with a penchant for a buggy rather than a handbag or new pair of shoes. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I have always been like this, even as a little girl!

As an adult I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a proper buggy for the first time and I’d decided way ahead of even thinking about having the actual children which make and model I was going to buy. I m also a girl with a penchant for a high end buggy… A girl wants what she wants, what can I say?!

So I like an expensive push on the whole, something which is eye catching and does an amazing job of pretty much everything it should! ‘Push’, ‘basket’ and ‘fold’ are my main three top points and if it doesn’t work in London then it doesn’t work for me. I’m a hop on the tube every day kind of gal so any buggy I have has to fit my lifestyle and although big can work, it does have to at least fold up small enough to fit in the boot of a three door Corsa and not take up too much space so as to irritate my neighbour when in the communal hall…

I get what I pay for in essence and because of this I am rather precious about keeping my buggies in pristine condition. I would NEVER bother to take a pricey push on holiday and look instead for my ideal holiday buggy… I don’t change much in my criteria, it still has to push well, have a basket to fit holiday essentials and folded it needs to be compact but this time also robust! Have you seen a luggage handler chucking those things about with not a care that they could be handling a monkey’s worth of pramette? (Micky Flanagan lovers will like that term!) Oh! And it HAS to still look good!

But when you’ve spent out on one buggy buying another can seem ridiculous… So what should you choose? There are a few holiday buggies that I like but most recently I’ve been putting the Loco by Kiddicare to the test. I absolutely call this a holiday buggy on account of the fact it can only accommodate a baby from 6 months asnd doesn’t fully recline, it couldn’t therefore be your ‘be all and end all’ but it is a rather smashing bung in the boot for quick runs and take away on breaks master piece! And amazingly it costs just £29.99!

For that price you don’t get a hood and rain cover however these can be bought in an accessory pack which also gives you a matching bag for just £9.99 if bought WITH the buggy or £19.99 if you buy it at a later date. This will take the stroller with everything you need to well under fifty quid making it extremely inexpensive and a great buy. I expected flimsy and a bit rubbish but what I got was actually rather surprising! It actually feels very strong and I was super impressed! Putting it together was easy peasy and would have been quick as a flash other than I had to sand down a piece of metal that obviously hadn’t come off the machine belt as it should meaning it just wouldn’t slot into the wheels. After doing that (and I’m sure a one off mistake) everything went together quick as a flash and we were off!Kiddicare Loco Post

The Loco upright with the hood down, hood up and as fully reclined as it will go! Enough for a sleepy toddler on holiday but not really enough for a regular daily sleep in the buggy!

Kiddicare Loco Post 7

Great basket actually, big enough for at least 3 towels, sun cream and a picnic! Folded it is perfect for a holiday home!

Kiddicare Loco Post 2

Should you be holidaying on a staycation then you will need the rain cover which fits tightly and folds back to it’s original folded size. I have never found that before with any buggy I have ever used!

Kiddicare Loco Post 4

I am particularly impressed with the rain cover because even on very expensive models sometimes they can be tricky and not really work. As well as folding small enough to store in the basket without taking up much room it fits on in a simple but effective way of popping at the top and a Velcro loop either side at the bottom!

Kiddicare Loco Post 3

With the accessory pack of hood and rain cover you also get a matching bag which is very handy when on holiday! Beach bag and buggy in one!

Kiddicare Loco Post 1

The recline isn’t amazing it has to be said, it doesn’t fully recline which can be a pain however it does go down about half way and anywhere in between with a simple clip which can be tightened easily and in seconds to bring it back up again!

Kiddicare Loco Post 6

Folding is very easy with a regular umbrella fold style of pushing up in the middle above the break and down with a lever on the side. There is then a clip which is a welcome feature and not on all inexpensive umbrella folds! As you can see, in my tiny boot space it really takes up very little room giving it a massive plus point for me!

Kiddicare Loco Post 5

And most importantly! At very nearly two Jimmy fits in it with room to grow, is comfortable and it pushes well. Over pavement it pushes easily and with swivel wheels which are lockable it is way better than I had imagined it would be for the price. Over grass and woodland floor it pushes reasonably while over sand it isn’t really going to work, mind you, for sand you need all terrain wheels which even very few high end buggies have! The handles are nicely shaped with a soft spongy feel and all in all it is an extremely good buy! We have it in blue with the little pilot design but it also comes in pink with a cherry pop pattern! Great stroller and perfect for a holiday!

I was sent the Loco by Kiddicare and accessory pack for the purpose of an honest review.