Camp Bestival 2015!

We had the best time at Camp Bestival last year and we can’t wait to go back again this weekend for our second year of Camp B fun! This time we are doing it solo, well, with friends but without any men and it means that I, with my new driving licence, have to drive from London to Dorset then put up a tent on my own. I can do this right?!

I’m nervous but then I look at the line-up and feel super excited about the whole thing! Last year we didn’t have ANY structure and missed loads so this year I am going to make sure we have quite a few bits in place for our weekend!

We’re not arriving until Friday at around lunch time (hopefully) but we will stay until the Monday morning and I have made a few decisions on our itinerary! This is what we shall be up to:


Friday, Saturday AND Sunday afternoon at 1pm and 4.30pm there’s ferret racing at the Haven Falconry. This sounds awesome as we loved seeing the birds of prey last year and will cheer on the ferrets which sounds like fun. Located by the Hideaway.

Dick and Dom will be on the castle stage at 14,00-14.45. After seeing them at the BST Festival we don’t want to miss our dose of bogies in Lulworth!

Jungle Book Bedtime story read by Sara Cox, Dick and Dom and Michaela Strachan in the Guardian Literary Institute at 19.30-20.45. Love the idea of this and then the children can settle down in the wagon with a blanket and be pulled around until it’s time for bed!


We HAVE to see ‘The Cat In The Hat Live’ which is showing on the Castle Stage at 11.35-12.20. We’ve seen it before a couple of times and it’s brilliant plus we’re having a mega Dr Seuss moment right now so it’s just up our street!

The National Trust’s Giant Den Building will be going on in the woods and this is something Jimmy will especially love!

Fairy Tales with Mr Nice at the Band Stand sounds awesome at 18.00-19.15 and then we may go back for more Jungle Book same time, same place as Friday.


We will start the day with Scamp theatre’s ‘The Scarecrow’s Wedding’! We absolutely love Scamp Theatre productions of Julia Donaldson books so this one is not to be missed on the Castle Stage at 09.30-10.25!

Llama Agility sounds super fun where you get to take a Llama around an Olympics course! We HAVE to find this!

Underworld are headlining so we will be there after perhaps MORE Jungle book bed time stories! I DO love the sound of that and then… There will be the firework display from 22.30-23.00!

We will be doing lots of other things too of course! Mummy might have a cocktail and the children will just love running around in the woods! We will see the head liners each night (looking forward to Kaiser Chiefs – Jonny’s band supported them once and I couldn’t go to the gig would you believe) plus there’s a Brit School theatre and dance workshop which I think Florence will love! For the most part we will meander and just happen upon things but I’ve made a little itinerary this year because there are certain things we just don’t want to miss!

Can’t wait for Friday now… And hopefully we will find a friendly face to help us with the tent!

One of my fave Camp Bestival pictures from 2014!
One of my fave Camp Bestival pictures from 2014!