Can’t Wait For Camp Bestival!

You might have noticed that I have a brand spanking new badge on the blog! It’s one to announce that we in the Rock ‘n’ Roller Baby family are off to Camp Bestival to have an awesome time and create some fantastic Camp Bestival blog posts!

As one of the official ambassadors I shall be taking the brood on their very first proper camping experience. As yet we have no tent, no sleeping bags and nothing else camping related either but in less than a month we shall be there so we had better get organised!


Camping at Camp Bestival!

I haven’t been camping for yonks and although I’d say in the past it’s not really appealed to me, I have this really romantic vision of what it will be like with the children, they will love it I know and that will mean I will love it too!

Of course, we will, being Rock ‘n’ Roller Babies, be in our element when it comes to the festival side of things! From music to comedy and masses of entertainment for the children (including Mr Tumble, Horrible Histories, Ben and Holly and LOADS more) we will ALL have s much fun! Jonny is most looking forward to seeing De La Soul and I want all four of us to go see Sinead O’Connor – a family dance is definitely going to be in order!

I literally cannot stop smiling every time I think about it! I wrote on my Facebook page about our plans and I had comment after comment from friends saying how they have been and loved it or know someone else who has been and come away wanting to go again and again! It’s obviously a very popular choice and for families it seems it has the perfect set up!

We can’t wait and come rain or shine, how could we not be excited about a venue that looks like this!

Camp 1

Lulworth Castle is the venue for Camp Bestival!

So, any tips for the novice family camper? I could certainly use a few. I remember hearing friends talking about things they take and bucket baths for the little ones in the evening has been noted along with using said bucket for keeping beer cool… The bucke then, is pretty important I would say! But seriously, any other hints or tips and we’d welcome them!

If you haven’t got your ticket for Camp Bestival yet then you can pick some up at Ticketline here. For more information about Camp Bestival including all the camping and glamping options, line up and children’s information then see

We will receive Camp Bestival tickets in return for an honest review.

6 thoughts on “Can’t Wait For Camp Bestival!

  1. That looks like so much fun. One more for my ‘must do’ list I think. When Plum is a little older for sure!

  2. It looks like it has a pretty spectacular evening, I would love to see that! Good luck with the quick tent and sleeping bags buying 🙂

  3. I have no advice to offer other than layer up! and good luck with the babies in the tent! I’ve never camped with my baby, i’d like to though one day!

    I hope you have an awesome time!

  4. I think you’ll have a great time and I’m a little envious as my husband would absolutely NOT go anywhere which involved sleeping in a tent! Have a ball!

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