Cayla Tea Party!

We’ve been hearing more and more about the world’s first ‘living doll’ Cayla and on Saturday we got to go see her at her official launch!

I have to be honest and say that on first hearing about a doll that would interact with your child via an app which runs from Google, I had my reservations. I envisaged a rather sinister dolly from a film that scared me back in my youth called ‘Dolly Dearest’ and I can admit I probably wouldn’t have given her much more thought had I not been invited to her tea party.

However, I was wrong to judge so quickly! Cayla is a sweet little thing and actually is really rather endearing! We only got to see a prototype at the launch (the app wasn’t QUITE ready yet) and I rather liked the way she got things wrong occasionally or had a bit of a strop and said ‘I don’t know!’ to the children’s questions. I kind of think it’d be a bit of a shame if the finished version doesn’t have these imperfections!

All the children got to ask Cayla questions and no word of a lie she had us laughing. Yes! A doll had us laughing! Cayla is based on a 7 year old girl and answers questions as a girl of that age might. When I asked my important question of what happens if a child asks about something magical that us parents like to keep a mystery around I was assured Cayla will answer like any other 7 year old! What is Santa Claus one asked and she knew! He’s Father Christmas and he brings presents!

That having been my first thought I hadn’t wandered into religious or other territory one might not want a child delving into but we were told that should she be asked anything sensitive, because of thousands of pre-programmed word blocks, she will ask you to refer to an adult! You can even block your own words of choice!

Florence (and the other children) were absolutely smitten and during pass the parcel at Cayla’s Tea Party Florence turned to me and said ‘Please can I put her on my Christmas list?’

We’re loving what we’ve seen of Cayla and lucky us because we don’t have to wait for Christmas to guve her a go! She works on iPhone or Android as well as tablets and we think she’s really rather special!

She’s GOING to be one of this year’s biggest Christmas hits, mark my words!

Thank you to the guys runing Cayla’s Tea Party, we had an awesome time!

We were invited to the launch of Cayla under no obligation to blog about the event.