How to Celebrate Graduating from University

Graduating from university is a reason to celebrate if ever there was one. Sure, you’re bound to feel a little sad at leaving some of your friends behind, but the fact that you’ve passed three years of higher education is definitely the perfect excuse to celebrate.


Here are some great ways to mark the achievement…

House party at uni

It could well be the last time you see some of the people you met at university, so you need a proper send off. A house party is always a lot of fun and is probably the easiest way to get everyone together in one place – although don’t go too wild or you might not get the house deposit back from the landlord!

You could always take the party outside if you don’t want a house party. For example if there’s a large field or beach nearby then you could go there and party the night away.

House party at home

Your family and friends will no doubt want to congratulate you on graduating so a house party at home would be ideal as, again, it’s probably the best place for everyone to meet and congregate. You could invite your close university friends if they live reasonably close, although if family are invited then it’s likely it’ll be a much more mellow affair.

You could also move things into the garden, dressing it up with decorations and string lights, and even having a BBQ if the weather’s nice.

Go out for a meal


If you want something a little calmer and personal then going out for a meal is always a great option. You can go out with friends and make a night of it or you can keep it a bit more low key, maybe with just your parents or boyfriend/girlfriend. Obviously you shouldn’t be paying so get the lobster and a bottle of bubbly!

Go on holiday


No doubt you’ve been working hard during your final year and could really do with a break, so a holiday could be on the cards. Money might still be a factor, though, so unless you have someone else to foot the bill then a trip to the Maldives might have to wait. There are plenty of late deals available, however, which can be picked up reasonably cheaply and let you relax by a pool for a week or so. Travel Supermarket, for instance, has some excellent late deals.

Get a job!

For some people, the best way to celebrate leaving university is to secure themselves a job they’ve been training towards. Obviously it’s not always as easy as that, but some may not feel they can truly relax until they’ve got employment under their belts. The celebration following that would then be even bigger!

Post by David Ryan – all images paid for and taken from shutterstock.