Charlie And The Chocolate Factory – The Musical!

For the past couple of weeks, ever since we found out we were going to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in the West End, we have been reading the Roald Dhal book to Florence. It’s not just her who has been utterly rapt every evening at story time as I have been very eager to read what happens next myself – and I already know the ending of course because I was read this exact same story when I was a child. I love the synchronicity that Florence’s first proper book is the same as mine!


We’ve been reading the book to build the excitement!

As well as reading the book we also watched the theatrical trailer to the musical which more then whetted our theatre appetites! The trailer makes the show look absolutely amazing with grand finale style musical moments throughout… Take a look!

We were lucky enough to attend with friends which made it extra specially fun and Alice from An Essex Wife and I met up with our girls for our very special theatre date. We wondered do the children know how lucky they are getting to see such wonderful theatre at their tender ages and I have to say, I think they do. Especially when it’s an evening out in central London at a big theatre. I think Florence felt very special indeed to be going to the theatre in the evening and who wouldn’t?!


Florence and I having an excited ‘selfie’ on the tube journey to the theatre!

As you can imagine, we had VERY high hopes and I started to wonder if perhaps I should be a little less enthusiastic so that Florence wouldn’t feel too disappointed if it didn’t live up to what we imagined? But I couldn’t, I was just too excited myself! I’m a massive fan of this story and I also love the original film. A song in the trailer is one from the film which I have remembered and sung ever since my own childhood, I simply couldn’t wait!

Thankfully I needn’t have worried because when it came, last night’s performance was every bit as spectacular, magical and entertaining as I’d hoped it would be and it certainly did the story proud. Florence loved it too which was the most important bit! The West End production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is delicious in every way!

The story is quite true to the book, a little bit dark and twisty but with a whole heap of love and family values to boot. Full of magic, full of frivolity and poking fun at those characters who just aren’t so desirable in life! Disgusting children with horrible habits and then Charlie. The lovely Charlie! The little boy playing him was wondrous and enchanting, I totally believed he deserved his golden ticket to meet Mr Willy Wonka!

Wonka, played by Douglas Hodge is a very different Wonka to those of either film but one which I totally got on board with! Funny, smart and a little bit mean, a character to fall in love with! The Grandparents were all hugely funny as were the ensemble cast playing the Oopma-Loompas with great gusto! I do also have to mention Veruca Salt, my favourite character, she was simply fantastic in her superb portrayal of this vacuous, spoiled little child and she made me laugh out loud on more than one occasion!

It is such a clever production and one which I can’t ruin by going into too much detail but let me tell you this, small or big, your eyes will be out on stalks and you will come away smiling from ear to ear! As for the songs – see for yourself, they are utterly, utterly West End brilliant!

The show is recommended for children over 7 but the theatre does allow children over the age of 3. We knew our girls would enjoy it, they are seasoned theatre goers and used to the environment. I think however that this would be a wonderful introduction to the West End so if you have a brave little one who can cope with the odd dark moment, perhaps one who has read the book and knows the story then I’d say do it! Florence thought is was just as ace as I did! And if you have an older child… Well, I don’t really need to say any more!

MusicalCharlie (1)

We had such a fabulous time at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

I was given complimentary tickets to see the show for the purpose of an honest review.


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  1. Sounds like you had fun, I love going to the theatre but would not be brave enough to take Addison yet.
    Florence is so beautiful x

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