Home Made Healthy Chicken Nuggets – Recipe!

Florence went to a sleep-over with a friend the other day and when she came home she waxed lyrical about the home made chicken nuggets my pal had made with them. I quickly asked for her recipe which she uses bread crumbs or crushed Ritz biscuits for and then tonight we decided to make our own version.

Chicken Nuggets 1
Our home made chicken nuggets!

I’d vaguely heard about people making chicken nuggets with cornflakes and as we have some they seemed like a good idea so I filled freezer bags and sealed them before making a pin prick hole to let the air out and allowed the children to bash them to pieces with a rolling pin. They very much enjoyed this process!

Next we filled three bowls, one with the bashed up cornflakes, a second with plain flour and a pinch of salt and the third with a beaten egg and a dash of black pepper.

And then I let the children create their own chicken nuggets for supper. They covered each piece of chicken breast, which I cut into regular chicken nugget sized pieces, with the flour first, then the egg and lastly the cornflakes. I lightly oiled a baking dish and let Florence and Jimmy put each chicken nugget on to it as they finished before baking them on 200 for 20 minutes. And viola!

They came out pretty good don't you think?!
They came out pretty good don’t you think?!
Chicken Nuggets 2
They’re definitely healthier than shop bought chicken nuggets and you don’t have to use the salt if you don’t want to making them even better for you! Of course, they HAVE to be dipped in ketchup!
Or doused in ketchup if you're Jimmy!
Or doused in ketchup if you’re Jimmy!

This meal didn’t take very long at all and although it IS slightly more time consuming in the prep and clearing up (plus Jimmy didn’t seem to hear me when I said ‘RAW chicken, no fingers near mouths!) the children ate it! No fuss! They always do when they have a hand in the creating of their food so we’ll definitely be doing this one again!