Children’s Book Week 7-11th October 2013!

I love reading and am very happy to absorb myself in a good book rather than watch the television. I don’t seem to read nearly half as much as used to since having children, unless of course I count the many, many books I read to the children.

I was read to as a little one and I remember vividly the imaginative voices my Dad would put on to read me my favourite Roald Dhal books amongst many others. It was a special time we shared together and because books were important to him they became important to me. I am very conscious to pass on this wonderful pleasure to my children and we read every single day. Florence is even starting to grasp how to actually read herself and it’s proud moments when she puts letters together and starts to sound them out. To read is a gift we highly under rate; it’s so important to life but we kind of take it for granted I think.

Reading with or children is not just pleasurable for them but for us too and as it gives us the opportunity to pass on a love of books then it absolutely is a must do activity every day as far as I’m concerned!

We have read to the children from pretty much day dot but it’s never too late to spark up a love of reading and what better time to start than Children’s Book Week which is happening this year from October 7th-11th!

You could start with some reading related imaginative play, The British Library are even selling tool to help them pretend to become a proper librarian!

I love the personal library kit, £11.95, it would have been JUST up my own street as a youngster!


They are also selling ‘little people’ versions of classics like ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and ‘Alice in Wonderland’. The ‘Little Miss Austen’ and ‘Little Master carroll’ books are hard back, colourful and designed as an introduction to the world of literature. What a great idea!

little miss austen cover

All the library and literature for children I’ve mentioned are available to but from the British Library shop.

Well, like I said, we don’t need a special book week to love books and get stuck in but we’ll certainly be joining in and loving them that week too!

Children's Book Week (1)

We love to read!

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